What is the Mean Whatsapp Group Link was Revoked?

Whatsapp Group was revoked

Have you any idea what is whatsapp group revoke link? I sure it should be No?

Whatsapp Group was revoked

If I think correct then you are landed in exact place to know about this . Just read my article What is WhatsApp group revoke link. This post will help you to know about revoke link.

If you are a whatsapp users definitely you have joined at least one whatsapp group. To be a group member you have to join whatsapp group through a invite link or you have to ask group admin to add you.

Joining through a whatsapp invite link to group is very easy. Sometimes you face problems while joining group through link. Here you will find solutions.

There are so many WhatsApp group join link (https://techwebsites.net/) available in Internet and social sites. You can easily join whatsapp group through the link.

Sometimes you have group invite link but you are unable to join the group. Group link doesn’t work. It shows you issues. You got confused what is happening to group link.

Actually that group link is revoked by group admin. Group Admin doesn’t want to have more groups members. So group admin has stopped working the group link.

Now anyone can’t join the group through the revoke link. Joining through the group link is stopped. You are now unable to join the group as new members.

In simple words whatsapp revoke link means Deactivate group invitation link. Group Admin is the head of whatsapp group. Group Admin can add group members.

Sometimes it is difficult to add all people to the group. So group admin create group link. Through the group link people can join to groups.

When group admin feel to stop joining groups members he can Deactivate the group invite link. So peoples who want to join through the link can’t join the group.

Because group admin has revoked the group link. So whatsapp revoke link means Deactivate group link. Admin does not allow you to join the group.

It is irritating when you got the whatsapp group link doesn’t work. It is a big problem. Some people don’t know what happened to the group link. That was whatsapp revoke link.

I hope you understand the meaning of revoke link. When you feel the link is not working you should understand the group link is revoked by group admin.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I tried to give you full details to understand it. If you are happy with my post what is whatsapp revoke link then follow my site. Thanks…

Worried about WhatsApp Group privacy, here’s how you can reset the invite link

Multiple news outlets recently reported Google was indexing several WhatsApp private groups chats along with their

invitation links that allow anyone with that link to join the group.

WhatsApp has taken the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

However, if you are still worried about WhatsApp Group privacy and any random person getting added to the account, the only way is to disable the old invite link and create a new one.

The first thing to keep in mind is the Group invitation link is the major problem and alternatively, you can try using the phone number to add a new member to the group.

But, what if you already have created the group link in the group link in the past. In this case, head to the WhatsApp group and tap on the top bar where the top bar where the group name is written and choose the option ‘Invite via link’ and here select the option ‘Reset link’. This will revoke all the access from the previous link and create a new link for the group.

After this, WhatsApp makes the old link invalid and people with the older link won’t be able to add themself to the group by clicking on it.

Apart from this, if you want to avoid using the Invite via Link feature to add someone to any WhatsApp group, you can simply add them by saving the contact in your smartphones. Follow the steps below to add using contact details

All you need to do is save the contact number

into the smartphone and then head to WhatsApp. Now open the group in which you want to add that contact and tap on the Group name at the top. Here you’ll find an icon with ‘+’ sign, tap on it and choose the contact to add in the group.

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