What are the Dimensions of a Wallet Photo Size

What are the Dimensions of a Wallet Size Photo

Photo size wallet or photo size 2r is one type of photo size that is owned and usually printed for certain purposes.

The size of R that is usually found in the types of photo sizes means that the size belongs to the R unit. The R unit in this type of photo size is a measure that is specific and especially in dimensions related to the world of photo printing.

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The size of the world of photo printing is different from the size of paper in the world of publishing or printing. For paper, the size that is used is the unit in letter A, and also the letter B, while for the size of the photo is the unit R.

Photos have a variety of sizes even though the unit remains the same, namely R. The sizes possessed by the world of photo printing are
2R, (Wallet / Name Card)
5R, up to size

The various sizes can be chosen to print photos according to your wishes, and also the needs of each person because each photo size has its own use.

The photo sizes known in units of R actually have sizes in other units, such as centimeters, inches or pixels.

These sizes already have their own provisions and are presented in a table so that everyone who wants to print photos knows it. Then what is the size of photo 2r if in another unit?

The smallest photo size is
2R, or more commonly known as wallet size, because it fits in the wallet, about the size of a business card that is usually stored in the wallet, which is 2 x 3.5 inches if in inches and 5.6 x 8.9 centimeters if put in centimeter size.

Usually the smallest photo is used as a photo that is stored either in the wallet or in an album that is small in size because if it is displayed using frames it will look very small, so the size of photo 2r is only used as photos stored in albums or wallets as well like 1R size.

Nowadays there are many photo printing and do not need media such as digital cameras because photos can be printed through mobile phones which are increasingly sophisticated and have high image resolution.



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