What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of iPhone 6s Plus?

During this iPhone is known as a simple smartphone with a minimalist design. However, through the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple seems to want to experiment with a smartphone that carries a bigger screen.

Yes, the iPhone 6s Plus comes to meet consumer demand for a smart phone with a larger screen size. With this wide screen, of course we are more flexible in doing various multitasking activities with iPhone 6s Plus.

iPhone 6s Plus is a solution for lovers of Apple products that have long craved iPhone with elegant design, but accompanied by a larger screen. Well, what are the advantages of the iPhone 6s Plus that make you obliged to own this smart phone? Check out the following reviews from Carisinyal.

When viewed at a glance, the design carried by the iPhone 6s Plus looks the same as the iPhone 6. This smartphone still comes with an elegant design and captivate anyone who saw it. The dimensions of the iPhone 6s Plus are 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm. Meanwhile, the weight of this smartphone is 192 grams.
Its weight is slightly heavier than the iPhone 4 and 5 series, because the size of the iPhone 6s Plus is also much larger. This phone is made with 7000 series aluminum material, which is the strongest metal type ever used by Apple.

There is an interesting variant of color provided by Apple for iPhone 6s Plus this. The reason, this smartphone has 3 special color choices, namely Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. Rose Gold color is one of the latest colors offered by the iPhone for smartphone besutannya. And sure enough, iPhone 6s Plus with Rose Gold color became very popular in the market.


This high-end smartphone comes with an LED-backlit IPS LCD screen of 16 million colors with a size of 5.5 inches. The HD Retina display carries a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with a 401 ppi display density. Although this smartphone screen is no better than the screen offered by Samsung Galaxy S7, but the iPhone 6s Plus screen is quite sharp and bright.

One of the advantages of iPhone 6s Plus is the availability of fingerprint scanner sensors in the Home button located below the screen. Apple is first pinned this technology in its iPhone 5s than Samsung.

In addition, the smartphone screen is also equipped with Touch 3D technology, where this technology will inform you how strongly you hit the screen, so that when you enable this feature, the iPhone screen will be very responsive with a smooth tap though.

The advantages of the next iPhone 6s Plus lies in the kitchen sector pacunya. Apple claims that the A9 APL0898 chip used on the iPhone 6s Plus is the most advanced chip ever in a smartphone.

The A9 chip is Apple’s third generation chipset with 64-bit architecture. In addition, the A9 chip also runs with a 1.85 GHz Dual Core CPU. With the performance of this A9 chip, then the overall performance of the CPU can increase up to 70% compared to previous generation chips.

Apple entrusted the graphics quality of the iPhone 6s Plus on the PowerVR GT7600 GPU. With the chip used by Apple, the performance of this graphics card processor can increase up to 90% compared to previous generation iPhone. This makes your gaming and multitasking experience even more interesting when using this handset.

As always, Apple always provides several choices of memory capacity on the iPhone besutannya. iPhone 6s Plus comes in 3 choices of internal memory capacity, which is 16, 64, and 128 GB. For standard use, we recommend choosing a variant with 64 GB internal memory. Since the iPhone is not equipped with a microSD slot for upgrading external memory, you should choose an iPhone with an internal memory capacity that suits your needs.

The RAM offered by iPhone 6s Plus is 2 GB. Actually, this RAM is good enough to offset the performance of the processor used, but we are a little disappointed considering today is already a lot of high-end mobile phones equipped with 3 GB of RAM, even 4 GB. In the sector of RAM, iPhone 6s Plus is still inferior to Samsung Galaxy S7 that carries 4 GB of RAM.

As a middle-class smartphone to the top, it is certain that the iPhone 6 Plus has been compatible on the 4G LTE network. However, this iPhone is not a dual-SIM phone, so you can only use 1 SIM Card only on this handset.

Some other connectivity also comes equipped with the iPhone 6s Plus, from Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity that will allow you to transfer data between devices very quickly, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac which offers extra speed when this phone connected to wireless internet network, NFC, and USB v2.0.

Until now, the problem that is often complained by iPhone users is the battery runs out quickly. In the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple brings the battery with a standard capacity that is not too large, ie 2750 mAh.

With this battery, your iPhone will be able to live for 384 hours in standby time on 3G networks. Meanwhile, when you use this phone to make voice calls, then the iPhone can burn for 24 hours on the 3G network. If you activate the 4G network with active use, then the battery of this phone can only last for 12-14 hours only.


IPhone 6s Plus camera sample

Switching to the camera sector, it is common knowledge that iPhone camera quality is no doubt. The advantages of the iPhone 6s Plus is also located on the main camera is 12 MP size.

This super-sophisticated camera is also equipped with various technologies, such as new image signal processors, advanced sensors, optical image stabilization, and focus pixels. In addition, Apple also introduced new features on the iPhone 6s Plus, which is Live Photos, where your photos will be equipped with pictures and sound, so it resembles the image with GIF format.

The iPhone 6s Plus camera also looks superior because it can record video in resolution 4 times higher than HD video. With this camera phone, you can record video in a room with minimal lighting though. At the front there is a 5 MP camera equipped with a retina flash. The front camera offered by the iPhone is also quite sophisticated.


As we explained earlier, iPhone 6s Plus is equipped with some new technologies, namely Live Photos and 3D Touch. In addition, the phone that carries iOS 9 also includes a security feature Touch ID, the ability to open the phone with fingerprint. Not only that, Apple also pinned some standard features that usually exist on the iPhone, namely Siri, Wi-Fi Calling, and GPS.

After discussing about a number of advantages of iPhone 6s Plus, now comes the time we find out about the price of this smart phone. iPhone 6s Plus with ROM 16 GB priced at Rp 10,500,000, iPhone 6s Plus which offers 64 GB ROM sold at Rp 12,000,000, whereas if you want the iPhone 6s Plus with 128 GB of internal memory then you have to spend Rp 13.500 .

Overall, the iPhone 6s Plus is perfect for those who want a smartphone with top-class performance without thinking about the price. The features it has also quite innovative like 3D Touch and Retina Flash on the front camera.

The most prominent deficiency in this smartphone lies in the absence of external memory so you will quickly run out of memory if only using the 16 GB version. In addition, the battery of this smartphone is also less so durable when compared with its competitors

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