Webp to jpg copy

How to Convert WebP to Jpg in Photoshop

So many image formats are used in the world of computer photography and multimedia. To this day, some of them such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and many other formats that are rarely used.

The image formats mentioned above are image formats that are often used or we find. To open it is not too difficult, and then we can edit it in the program or software that we usually use, or print or print it.

How to Convert WebP to Jpg in Adobe Photoshop

As a photo and passport printing studio that often prints customer photos, recently someone has found/received files with the webp format or extension.

and when I wanted to edit it for later cropping, it turned out that the photo file with the *.webp extension format couldn’t be opened by Adobe Photoshop. There is a message that this file cannot be opened in Photoshop

Before this, I actually often found this webp format photo downloaded from a large site or website.

Advantages of Webp Format Photos

It turns out that this webp format photo has advantages

1. The photo is small enough that it is widely used by large sites for its web appearance because it is light so it can make the web loading speed better.
2. Not easy to open carelessly


How to Create a WebP File in Adobe Photoshop

Now, if you download an image from the internet, there is a format that may be unfamiliar and the image file cannot be opened in the software we use, such as Photoshop.

It could be that the image or logo that you downloaded has a WebP format, of course to be able to open it we must convert the WebP format to a format that we commonly use and can be opened from our computers.


What is the WebP Image Format?

An image in WebP format is an image that is fairly new to Google’s format.

This WebP format is said to be much better and better in terms of Compression, Transparency, animation, 30% more efficient than other formats without having to reduce the quality of the image itself.

How to Open a Webp to Jpg Photo Format file in Adobe Photoshop

Indeed, to open an image file in WebP format, it is impossible to just open it with the Photoshop program that we have installed on our computer,

There are 2 ways to open an image or picture file with this Webp format:


1. Webp to jpg

You can convert this webp image to jpg first online via the following link webp to jpg.

Then open and upload the photo with the webp extension.

Then Convert Webp to jpg.


After that you can edit or use photos from the converted webp.

2. How to Install Plugins in Adobe Photoshop

We need a third party plugin called WebP Plugin. Check out the following discussion for a guide or how.

1. Download the 32 BIT version of the WebP Photoshop Plugin or the 64BIT version of Photoshop. Remember, don’t forget to download all of you, just choose the one that matches the version of Photoshop that you install on your computer.
2. Close your Photoshop software before inserting the plugin into your software.
3. After you download, please extract the file then copy and paste it in this folder (see video if confused)
4. C: Program File > Adobe Photoshop (the version you are using) >> Plugins, please paste here.
5. Now open your Photoshop and try to open a WebP format file that previously couldn’t be opened. If it still doesn’t work, it means you put the wrong plugin or you chose the wrong BIT version.
6. If successful then you can open the file in WebP format.
This method is very simple, isn’t it, but even though it’s simple you won’t be able to open it without a guide in the form of videos and articles like the one SUBMITClimb made.
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