To Solve Problem with HP Printer Cooling Mode

I am using the HP LaserJet CP 1025 Laser printer Color Full Color Printing. Cool really stunning results for the purposes of CD or DVD labels printing more better Quality and print a little full color sparation.

To Solve HP Printer Ink Toner HP 1025 Laser Color Printer

The only drawback is:

The price of 1 New Toner (HP Printer ink) laser can be worth medium printers, If fourth … can buy One New HP Printers. Wow. It’s very expensive, and it’s expensive.

When If print somewhat … out Cooling Mode … OMG.


Although the price is expensive, this is a printer, I really <3 (Love) this.  the cost of care is high, yes for a quality product certainly worth.

Regarding the problem of cooling mood printing, here’s how to fix:

Too many pages print at the same time can cause cool issues to appear.

How to overcome:

Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord from the printer or the electrical plug.
Wait 30 seconds later, reconnect the power cord and turn the printer on.

Wait while the printer initializes.

If the error persists, turn off the printer, disconnect the power cord, wait at least 25 minutes and then plug it back into the power cord and turn the printer on.

If you are using surge protector, disassemble it. Attach the printer directly to the outlet. Use the power switch to turn on the printer.

One more, print your sheets of paper up to 10 / period.

Have a nice day! Happy Work

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