How to Make a WhatsApp Account Invisible Not Online on Android iPhone

Who often makes a fuss with a boyfriend because they don’t reply to a chat but are caught online on WhatsApp? Makes you eat it too right?

As a very popular messaging application, WhatsApp or better known as WA has many features that are quite useful for its users. Some of these useful features include Online and Last Seen.

The Online feature will alert us that someone in our contacts is opening the WhatsApp application. This feature will light up even if someone is not currently open chat between us.

How to see whether someone is online or not, you can open a chat message with him. Later you will see an indicator if he is also opening the WhatsApp application.

The WhatsApp application for all platforms, both Android, Windows Phone, iOS and others, has this default feature. However, to deactivate each device has a different way.

How to Make a WhatsApp Account Invisible Not Online on Android iPhone

you can follow the steps below.
How to Make WhatsApp Invisible Online on Android Phones

Open the WhatsApp application.
Click the three dot icon located at the top right of the display.
Select the Settings option, then open an Account, and select Privacy.
Set Last Seen to Nobody by tapping on it and selecting Nobody.

Steps to prevent WhatsApp from being seen online

Actually there are three settings that you can use to set the privacy of last seen to be used. You can choose Everyone if you want everyone to be able to see when we were last online and My Contacts to limit only the people in our contacts.

There is also a Last Seen feature that will show us information about when someone in the WhatsApp contact we had last opened the WhatsApp application. Just like the online feature, you can see it by opening the chat you sent for it.

Indicators of both of these features will appear below the WhatsApp contact name, or under the WhatsApp phone number if you have not saved the number into the contact.

However, if this indicator does not appear, there are several things that can make this happen. These include:

It could be that someone you are asking for will set your privacy preferences to hide information from others.
It could be that you have set your privacy settings preferences by not sharing your last seen with others, because if you choose not to display last seen then you will not be able to see the last seen of others. Fair enough right?
The third reason is a very painful reason, because if not the two things above that cause you can not see last seen from someone, then the most likely thing is that you have been blocked from that person.

But for some users, these two features can be very annoying. Because, without us knowing, we can get caught being online even though we don’t want to reply to messages from someone. It could be, we can get into trouble from this.

For example, our partners can sulk because they know we are online even though we said goodbye to do the work or want to sleep first. The biggest risk of this is not just sulking of course, our partner might ask to break up because they think we are having an affair.

To avoid this from happening to you, as mentioned in the second reason why we can’t find out last seen someone, we can set our privacy settings to Nobody.