To Change Font in Blogger Post and Title

May be this is the easiest way to other blogger, not to another. ang may be this work for many template, but no to the little one.

to Change Font in Blogger Post and Title is easy. Just sign in in your blogger Account. Choose the blog you want to make a change. Choose Template on daskbor blogger.


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For beginner bloggers may be a little bit confused, but sure you can, if not at once try to repeat step by step carefully, have to be patiently. Be assured you can.

Steps 1 & 2:

On the Blogger Dashboard Click “Template” and  choose “Customize”

Step 3 and 4:
Click the advanced tab, then navigate towards the page text button. Then scroll through the available fonts and choose from there. You can also just your font size and color here as well.

Step 5:

Click post title (while still under the advanced tab) and adjust the font and font size from there.


Well that’s it! Is that as simple as that ?! But there may still be difficulties because each template is different.

I have another blogging tutorial, quite complete, which can be found on this blog here as well!

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