This is 5 Popular Site that Must be Dead, Facebook The Next?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world today. Unfortunately, the case of data leaks that again excited a month back to make up threatened removed lho!

If it does happen, Facebook will certainly follow these sites. Yes, the following five popular sites in his time that is now no alias die.

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5 Popular Sites of the Age, and Now It’s Dead

Of the millions of sites that circulate on the internet, it turns out that a little that has been lost from the circulation of the alias is not there anymore. Of the many who entered the popular category, the following five sites are now dead and you can not access again.

1. Myspace

You must have heard the name of this one site. Myspace is a social networking site that is a place for users to share anything into their account. Similar to social media in general today, Myspace is among the first used netizens to upload photos, videos, music and the works or creations.

2. Megaupload

As the name implies, Megaupload is one of the favorite sites of internet users to upload any files that need to be uploaded and require large storage capacity. Unfortunately, the site that has been used millions of users is removed from circulation in 2012 ago.

3. is a site that contains news and information about politics, pop-culture to politics. Although it sometimes contains sensitive or seriously sensitive news, this site packs it lightly and attractively so that it has many loyal readers visiting this site to search for information, as well as release stress.

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4. CompuServe

CompuServe is a forum-shaped site with topics related to statehood and related matters. In addition, netizens who visit also mostly discuss about the computer and share tips about software and hardware. Unfortunately, this site must be removed from circulation because it was found abuse to share secret state defense information.

5. Mullets Galore

The last one is Mullets Galore. This one site is a site inspired by the popular mullet hairstyle thanks to a United States band Amreika, Beastie Boys. Contains a lot of funny and interesting content, the site finally disappeared from circulation in the mid-2000s.
The final word

That’s five popular sites of his time, but must be willing to die alias removed from the internet. Are there any of the top five sites you’ve visited or visited before? Then do you think Facebook will soon follow the five sites above? Share your thoughts in the comments field.


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