The Definition The Meaning What is a Spoiler?

Definition of Meaning or Understanding what is Spiler. Anyone for those who spread Spolier will be hated by those who receive spoilers you know? Of course, because when you receive a spoiler, then the sensation when you want to watch anime or manga will reduce the sensation when you watch it yourself, while a friend who gives you spoilers who have watched it yourself will reveal the story.

Definition The Meaning or What is a Spoiler?

Giving Spoiler is forbidden

So What is Definition of Meaning or Pengerian from Spoiler? Spoilers can be called leaks / beberan stories or something that is notified to others who do not know the way the story itself, for example when we read a manga Naruto, One Piece, Fairy tail, we are holding back the desire not to watch the continuation of his manga story. Then your friend has read the manga will give leaked story path to you guys, that’s called the word “Spoiler”

So what is a Spoiler?

A person who gives spoilers is very hated by people, because it is considered sinful for giving leaks to others, so in the facebook group there is always the words “No Spoiler” or “Spoiler Alert”, the fatal impact of Spoiler is you may be removed from the group the facebook.

Different again if the term spoiler in Kaskuser, Spoiler in kaskus can be interpreted by covering the image and writing, then when you press the “Open” you will see the writing or the picture, in addition to kaskuser, we will see many spoiler on the website website with forum features (this blog is not a forum blog yah, just url his aja who have frills “forum”)

Giving Spoiler should be allowed, but if the person you want to give Spoiler agrees to listen to the spoiler, but if the person you want to give the spoiler refuses to listen to leaked stories from you guys, you should not give spoilers, because actually provide spoilers to people who do not want to listen to spoilers that violate the rights of others (heheheh, too much yah if you say the right).

As a good friend / friend, you should not give spoilers without the approval of the hooked person well, why should it? Because everyone has his choice, whether to want to harbor when wanted before watching the animenya

For example Spoiler Story:

I pointed out the Manga Fairy Tail, it turns out that the relationship between Mavis and Zeref is Zeref is the one who taught Mavis Magic, Mavis’s Magic was at first only an illusion of magic that she learned herself, but after being taught by zeref she can pursue new magic, and Mavis is famous his genius in making strategy, and the creator of 3 Great Fairy Magic (Fairy Spyhre, Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter).

Mocis and Zeref Fairy tail meeting spoiler

Or give Light Novel spoilers such as Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo continuation story from Shiina Mashiro and Kanda Sorata

You who know the way of the story, tell the Spoiler to your friends who do not know it, then you have become a person who gives Spoiler

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