Reason Why must start Blogging today

7 Awesome Reasons Why Yout Must Start Your Blog Today

You may be thinking that you have a job or you are a student, so you can’t blog.

No! No! I’m a student, in my final year.

From experience am telling you that blogging will even help you as a student. You’ll get to understand  as you read on. Your job shouldn’t be a barrier also. It shouldn’t stop you from blogging. I’ve met a few people who have full-time jobs but are interested in blogging and I help them set up their blogs.

You may be thinking about the possibility of combining your job with blogging. Ayeni Tobi of MissTechy dot com recently wrote a post on how she does this. She’s got a job, but very consistent on her blog. You can learn from her experience if you want to combine your job with blogging.

Back to the topic:

7 Awesome Reasons To Start Your Blog This Year

1. You’ll Become A Better Writer

Blogging is definitely going to improve your writing skills. Becoming a better writer lies on much practice, and how frequently you write. And then that is what blogging is about. This is one of the reasons it will help you as a student. Blogging has greatly improved my writing skills and other bloggers out there.

2. You’ll Make A Difference In The Life Of Others

One time or the other, we have all read a story, a blog post, or an article online that inspired us. You can change people’s life for the better through blogging. Inspiring young people to discover their true potentials, directing people to make better choices in their relationships, spreading the virtues of your faith.There are many ways you can help others through blogging. Your voice matters, making it heard will have a positive impact on others. Start your blog today to be an inspiration to others.

3. You’ll Meet New People.

I’ve enjoyed many benefits since I started blogging. Meeting interesting people is part of them. If you’ve been blogging for while, you’ll agree with me on this. People that are interested in your niche will always contact you to know more about it and you’ll end up making friends with some of them. Beneficial friends. You may also get to meet top bloggers in your niche. Meeting new people and making friends is fun.

4. You’ll Become A Better Thinker

You don’t get taught in school how to think, but it’s one of the greatest attributes every human must possess. Blogging fills that void, it helps you grow your thinking muscles exponentially. Before writing anything, you have to think so you can give your readers what they want from you. Now is the best time to think about having your own blog.

5. It’ll Build Your Confidence.

Blogging will make you confide in yourself, it’ll help you learn to voice your opinion without being scared of making mistakes. With time you’ll realize that your voice matters and you have something to offer others.

6. It’ll create opportunity for yourself and for your business

Writing about a particular topic consistently shows you are an expert in that field. When you become known in that area people looking for expertise will eventually contact you. One of my major services online is to set up blogs. I’ve been doing that even before I started this blog. But after starting this blog, I get to meet more people interested in my services because they see me as an expert.

7. You Can Make Money From Blogging

I know you’ve heard a lot about making money from blogging and that is the main reason some people go into it. Though it is true that you can make money blogging, but blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. (You’ve heard about that too). Create values and grow your audience before you think of making money from your blog.

So are you convinced? You want to start your blog? Don’t rush. Don’t jump into entertainment niche like others do and end up becoming a “copy-and-paste” blogger. Carefully choose a niche that is right for you. I wrote a post that will help you choose the right niche. Check my profile.

One more thing.

There are two major platform to set up your blog; Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger is a free service owned by google, where you can easily set up your blog in minutes and get a free sub-domain like

WordPress on the other hand is divided into two; Self hosted and free hosted ( Just like blogger, is free and you’ll also get a free sub-domain like

But to use the self hosted WordPress, you’ll need to purchase a hosting account and install the WordPress script.

If you already know about WordPress and Blogger, you should also know that using the self hosted WordPress is the best. There are many articles online supporting this claim. Personally, I don’t take bloggers on a free platform like and blogger serious. Especially those without a custom domain name.

Lalasticlala, Seun