If You Have These 7 signs, it Means You are a Lucky Person!

Being lucky and away from problems is the dream of many people. Well, who likes to live with the problems around him? Talk about luck, most people will always identify luck with wealth.

Of course, those who are born with sufficient material are lucky because they have many things that others cannot. But luck isn’t just about money, right? And here are seven signs of a lucky person, do you have one of them?

1. They may be annoying, but at least you have someone who cares

If you have these 7 signs, it means you are one of the lucky people! Aifs.gov.au
Humans are social creatures, so it is not surprising that we will always need other people to live. But sometimes, when there are people who care about us, it makes us feel annoyed and even prefers to ignore them. In fact, whether we realize it or not without them, our life will be much more difficult.

2. Whatever it is, you have complete limbs

If You Have These 7 Signs, That Means You Are One Of The Lucky People! Unsplash.com/anthony Innsbrook
It is not uncommon for us to compare ourselves with others. Just because someone has whiter skin, we immediately feel inferior about our darker skin. But if we think about it, we are still lucky to have complete limbs. Maybe, just as we complain about the slanted and small eyes, there is someone out there who hopes to see the beautiful morning sun even with one eye.

3. No matter how far you go, you still have a place to go home

If You Have These 7 Signs, That Means You Are One Of The Lucky People! Publicschoolreview.com
Coming home is something we usually do. After a long day of work or activity, coming home is always something fun. But do you realize that not everyone knows the word “home” because they never know what it feels like to own a home? For us, home is the safest place where you can sleep well, eat well, and be surrounded by your loved ones. But for some people, a house is a closed storefront with a piece of cardboard for sleeping.

4. Even though it’s not always delicious, at least you never go hungry

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We often complain about the food we eat just because it doesn’t taste right. It is not uncommon for us to strike down refusing to eat just because these foods are not our favorite foods. Yet no matter how simple our lunch menu is, at least we can still eat. Try to compare it with the less fortunate people out there. Let alone complaining about the taste of food, they might not even find something worth eating today.

5. You have a healthy body

If You Have These 7 Signs, That Means You Are One Of The Lucky People! Mylifestylebenefits.com
Not only are you complete, but you also have a healthy body. It sounds trivial, but you also have to know that not everyone can be that lucky. If you read the news or watch tv, you must have seen someone’s struggle against an illness that he or she suffers from. They have to endure pain, take medication, even perform painful surgeries for years. We don’t need to feel that, our struggle is easier because all we need to do is maintain good health.

6. There is no war around us

If you have these 7 signs, it means you are a lucky person! Pinterest.com/zaratra
Born and raised in a country that is safe and peaceful, making war sound like a historical story. But believe me, in modern times like now there are still many wars going on. What is most sad is those who have to be caught between these conflicts. When we complain about the traffic jams, they are busy thinking of ways to survive today whether it is from gunfire or even a bomb explosion.

7. You have a kind heart

If you have these 7 signs, it means you are a lucky person! Steemit.com
Unexpectedly, kindness turned out to be something expensive. Of course, no one is born a bad person, but due to environmental factors, the necessities of life, to the wrong way of educating him, it can make a kind-hearted child turn evil. For those of you who are still good people, be grateful because that means you are a very lucky person.

Be grateful for the seven signs above, because not everyone is as lucky as you. Don’t complain if the seven signs above you have all. Remember, your burden is not necessarily as heavy as other people out there.