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Smartphones are much more than communication devices, mostly if your interests revolve around photography, graphic design and social media. For the ones eager to capture the best shots, the camera is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new phone.

Nowadays, nearly all smartphones have high-resolution cameras. The pictures taken by these cameras are far from weightless, and this can become a problem when you start to share your images in bulk on various social media platforms. There you have it: amazing photos on one side and a huge bandwidth and storage consumption, on the other.

We come to the rescue by putting together a list of 9 great apps for resizing and compressing your high-quality pics*:

ShortPixel Photo Optimizer

ShortPixel has released a brand new app for Android! The newly created app does what we do best: using the power of ShortPixel‘s algorithms, it optimizes the images you have on your phone so they consume less disk space. You even have our 3 famous compression methods: Lossy, Glossy and Lossless. This way you can choose the quality you want to have. Each image consumes one credit, and the free account of ShortPixel gives you 100 free credits per month. You can download it from here.

1. Image Size App

This app allows you to resize your images quickly and easily, and you can also specify the output format: inches, centimeters, millimeters or pixels. With Image Size you can save, email, print or share the final image.

2. Photo Compress 2.0

As its name already suggests, Photo Compress 2.0 allows you to compress a photo without affecting its quality. Isn’t this something we all want? The app, also, allows you to set the compression level to low, medium, or high. Just choose the compression type you’d like to experiment with and press the button to check the difference in size between the original photo and its lighter version.

3. Photo and Picture Resizer

The Photo and Picture Resizer app is swift. Don’t take our word for it, just try it yourself! This tool reduces the size of your image and, also, has the option to share the final version on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. If you’re looking for an app that shrinks your pictures without affecting their quality, you should check Photo and Picture Resizer. Designed to maintain picture aspect ratio by providing the resolution list based on the camera, this application is one of the best and smartest resizing tools. And that’s the reason it was downloaded more than 43,000 times.

4. Resize Me

The Resize Me app can be customized to quickly adjust the size of your photos with a single click. Using this tool, you can crop, rotate, and set your pictures as wallpaper. Want to add your personal watermark? Then you’re in for a treat, as Resize Me enables you to do just that!

5. Pixlr Express

Why is Pixlr Express one of the most popular photo editing apps out there? Because it has numerous features and offers more than 600 special effects for easy editing. If you want to do some advanced editing, with Pixlr Express you can adjust the contrast and brightness of your photos, you can work on the colors of the images and, also, remove the red-eye effect.

6. Image Easy Resizer & JPG – PNG

This free app helps you resize multiple pictures at once. It allows you to choose between a fixed and a variable aspect ratio. Want to give it a go?

7. Reduce Photo Size

Even if it doesn’t compress pictures, this free app resizes and crops your original image, creating a great result. The only downside is that you have to share the picture on social media directly, without saving it on your phone.

8. Image Shrink Lite – Batch Resize

Do you want to change the width and height of your photo however you like? Then Image Shrink Lite might be the app you’re looking for! You can, also, keep or remove your GPS data, EXIF tags and other information regarding the moment the photo was taken.

9. Resize – Square Snap Pic editor

Are you an emoji lover? This app helps you give life to your photos by adding emojis, funny effects, blur effect, stickers and…you guessed, filters! Do you want to make your pictures square-sized? Are you a fan of collages and frames? Then this picture editor will make your day!

Resize, compress, filter, change colors…in one word, play with your photos as you please, without leaving the comfort of your smartphone! If this is what you seek, then we hope this list makes choosing the perfect apps for your needs a bit easier.

One more thing

If you have a folder full of pictures and you would like to do a ‘bulk’ optimize for all of images, you can jus drag and drop all of them at and download the result. jpegreducer is an online image compressor toll powered byShortPixel.

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