13 Reason that Makes Cellphone Batteries Run Out Quickly

Phonecell Smartphone Batteries Run Out Quickly

this is the 13 Reason that Makes Cellphone Batteries Run Out Quickly

Suddenly, my Samsung cellphone went dead, The cellphone battery is one of the things that people pay most attention to when they are outdoors.
Cellphone batteries run out quickly often makes someone complain and annoyed. Even though, now many cellphones with large battery power features, in fact, they can’t handle user complaints.
In fact, wasteful or not a cellphone battery is influenced by several things and activities carried out by users. What are these things? Here is the review.

These 13 factors make smartphone batteries wasteful

  1. The age of old cell phones and “weathered” batteries

The development of mobile phones has changed over time, including changes in battery types. For example, a cellphone with the Apple brand always tries to direct its customers to always buy the latest series. One way is to continuously update the battery type.
If you feel the battery is wasteful, immediately replace the old battery with a new one. The new battery will certainly provide performance with better durability. A draining battery might also be a sign that it’s time to replace the phone.

2. The charger is damaged

A problematic or damaged charger is the reason the battery is draining. Indication of wasteful battery is not always caused by the performance of the cellphone and the battery itself. A charger that is damaged and does not function properly, of course, makes the battery also not functioning properly.

3. The ambient temperature is too cold or hot

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The outside air can also have an impact on cellphone batteries. Either too hot or too cold. When it is very cold, many people wear gloves. Because, cold will make the cellphone work harder.
Likewise when the air gets too hot, try to keep the cell phone in the jacket pocket to keep the temperature down.

4. The brightness and sleep time features are not used optimally

This is a trivial thing, but it can actually affect battery life, especially smartphones.

Users who are lazy to adjust screen brightness manually will activate automatic brightness mode. On the other hand, there are users who are not aware of activating that mode. In fact, this mode is more battery drain. So, it is advisable to adjust the screen brightness manually.

However, the brightness level should not be too high. Besides being able to damage the eyes, it can cause a wasteful battery.
Then, the “sleep” time when the phone is not in use must be set. Usually, the default setting is 30 seconds, preferably 15 seconds. Try not to take too long to 1 minute.

5. From his cell phone system

For example, a cellphone uses the Android system, it turns out that the system also requires quite a lot of battery power. In many cases, the Android system can reduce battery power by up to 25 percent.

Then there are other applications from Google that are proven to consume large amounts of battery power, namely Google Play Services that cannot be deleted. Because, Google Play Service is an essential application for Andorid devices.

The way to solve this problem can be by clearing the cache from Google Play Service.

6. Phone power predatory application and not updated

For example, on Android system phones, you definitely have to be spoiled with lots of applications that can be used. However, you have to be careful, because there may be one or several applications that can make the battery super wasteful.

To find out, can check through the Battery Settings to see applications that “eat” large battery power. If you find an application that is less important and makes your battery wasteful, don’t hesitate to delete it.

In addition, applications that are not updated also affect the waste of cellphone battery power. Because, applications that are not updated usually require extra performance, in contrast to applications that have been updated.

Where, in updating applications, one of the main focuses of the developer is to pay attention to the performance of the related application to be lighter, faster and more effective.

7. Poor signal condition

When traveling, we often pass through areas with bad or even non-existent signals. This condition will make the use of cellphone batteries wasteful. Because, cellphones try hard to find a signal to connect a person to the outside world.

As an illustration, the cell phone will continue to send and receive signals from the nearest tower. When the closest tower can’t receive messages, the cellphone will send the message back to the other tower. Now, that requires battery power.

So, the solution is to set the phone to flight mode (airplane mode) or try to find the closest Wi-Fi connection.

8. Call often

If you make a lot of calls, it’s almost certain that your phone’s battery will drain more easily. Phone calls require more power than traditional signals. In addition, telephone calls also consume power to issue sound elements that are not included when sending messages or emails.

So, sending messages or email will save more battery.

9. Lots of application notifications

Too many notifications can also make cellphone battery wasteful. Unless specifically turning off notifications. The more applications with active notifications, the more phone power is used.
So, choose application notifications that are really needed and turn off notifications on applications that are not really needed.

10. “Blue Tooth” is always on

Many phones are designed with bluetooth always on automatically. In fact, “blue tooth” that is ON can put excessive pressure on the battery. Always on Bluetooth makes the phone battery work harder, as there are active processes that require power.

So, it’s better to turn it off when it’s not needed.

11. GPS continues to be active

Some applications may require the phone to activate GPS, so that the location can be tracked. Activating GPS for a long time can also make cellphone batteries run out quickly. If you don’t really need it, turning it off is a wise move.

However, if you have to run it for a long time, don’t forget to bring an extra power source like a power bank. And if you are going to use a location map while driving, you can upload it first, so you can use it offline.

12. Application backgrounds and widgets

Collections of background apps and widgets especially on smartphones that are always running are often useful, but can be very battery draining. Address this issue by setting updates to be less frequent.

For example, a weather app that was previously updated every hour is changed to every three or four hours.

13. Often use the camera features

When you often do photos and or videos while traveling, just as you want to be present and narcissistic, the cellphone battery may run out quickly. That’s because using the photo and video features makes the phone work harder, such as focusing images and recording images and sound.

When taking lots of pictures and or videos, try turning on flight mode. That will make the cellphone not work harder to find a signal and just focus on taking pictures at the same time.
You understand the game, right?