Student Executive Boards to Hold Protest Against Election Delay

The student executive boards from a number of campuses have planned to hold a large-scale demonstration on April 11 to reject the postponement of the 2024 election and the extension of the president’s term of office.

The demonstration is set to be held in front of the State Palace.

Secretary General of the National Association of ’98 Activists (PENA 98), Adian Napitupulu, said the issue of postponing the election had been raised by a number of ministers and leaders of political parties. However, he said that Jokowi was not directly responsible for the issue.

According to Adian, the buzzers have been silent recently and the ministers and party leaders do not dare to take responsibility.

“Where are the ministers and party leaders who threw the discourse?” said the House Commission VII legislator in a press statement, Saturday (9/4).

Adian admitted that he had spoken to a number of student organizations about the narrative to urge Jokowi to resign, which he said the student activists had denied.

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“Why would you hold a protest against Jokowi and not the ministers?” said Adian. (ast/mcr20/jpnn)