Pregnant Dream What is the Meaning to The Creative Woman

Dream is a sleeping flower that can come with a variety of forms. One that is often experienced is a dream pregnant even though it is actually no longer pregnant. What are the signs?

“I was late for menstruation for a few days and a dream of pregnant, the next day I bought a test pack at the same pharmacy with my husband … The result is Jeng jeng … negative, he he he he,” said Rina, one of HaiBunda’s best friends.

Ally Mead, someone who has studied dream analysis at the Jungian Institute in Los Angeles, explains this. Ally said, a woman who dreams pregnant tend to want something that is creative, for example, want to have an exciting new creative project. It could be just a home renovation project or making a large-scale artistic work. So quoted from Huffington Post.

“I find people who have not achieved goals and desires are usually dreams about pregnancy, for example someone who wants to act but instead prefer a safe way,” explains Ally.

Pregnant dreams are common to women. About 70 percent of women have dreams of getting pregnant. But in fact men also dreamed it lho, for example dreaming of her partner pregnant. Pregnancy is also a universal thing, where it is not limited by culture or ethnicity.

But according to Ally, sometimes the dream is also literal. So we dream of pregnant and in fact are pregnant. Sometimes dreams of pregnancy also mean something is left behind, unexpressed or unrealized in the real world.

To Bustle, Ally says dreams suddenly conceive also mean that an aspect in the personal life concerned grows and develops. But it can also mean there is fear of new responsibilities.

Dream of pregnancy is a common metaphor and symbol associated with our emotional, spiritual, psychological, and interpersonal circumstances. Often the dream of getting pregnant has nothing to do with soon becoming a parent, having more children, or related fertility to our reproductive system.

Experts say dreams are a reflection of the emotions that we feel everyday during the move. Dreams occur during the deep sleep phase, where the brain and body are in a state of relaxation and well connected to the subconscious.

When often feel anxious, the anxiety that can enter the subconscious and carried away during sleep. On the other hand, the perceived happiness can also spark a beautiful and comfortable dream.

Have Mother had a pregnant dream?

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