PostCard Photo Size and Sample Postcard

PostCard Photo Size and Sample Postcard

Postcard or in Indonesian means a postcard is a medium in the form of a card that is usually used to send messages by post. This method is indeed fairly old-fashioned or outdated for the digital era like today. But for some people who like old school things, post or postcard cards are things that are still in great demand.

Postcards are generally used like sending letters but with a medium that is quite limited compared to letters in general. Postcards can be found at the post office or at tourist attractions that sell souvenirs and postcards.

Postcard itself has a standard size and its own template design. For a standard postcard size, which is 4 x 6 inches, it makes it look like a rectangle. In America, the government has set a standard size for postcards or postcards used. If it exceeds the specified standard size, an additional fee will be charged, the value of which is adjusted to the agreed agreement.

Standard Size of Postcard Photos

In general, many people do not follow the specified size standards with a variety of reasons, including to make a unique and special impression on the created postcard. They have no problem with the additional costs that will be charged as long as their postcard has the design and size that fits the desired. Whereas in Indonesia alone, postcards or postcards are generally made with designs that have to do with Indonesian culture.

Well, apart from the actual postcard (ie postcard), there is also a term known as postcard photo size in the world of photography. Many are wondering what is meant by the size of the photo postcard? How much is the actual size of the postcard? According to various online sources, the postcard size photo is the same as the 3R photo which if converted is 3R = 8.9 x 12.7 cm = 3.5 x 5 inch. After knowing the standard postcard size in question, then is the process of printing photos.

To print photos of your own postcard size at home, it would be easier if you have your own printer. If you are still confused about how, you don’t need to worry because now there is a tutorial on the internet. But if you are still confused, then you can follow the tutorial video on Youtube by clicking on this link. By following the tutorial correctly, printing your own postcard photos will certainly not be difficult anymore.

Here is an example of a Modern Postcard

Modern Postcard

Well that was an example of a postcard and a brief explanation of postcards or postcards, the standard size and the purpose of the size of postcard photos that we often hear so far. Not only that, the explanation also comes with a tutorial link for printing photos of postcard-size photos at home. Hopefully the information presented can be useful and informative for the readers, yes!

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