What is the Best Easiest Photo Editing Software

What is the Best Easiest Photo Editing Software

Before the advent of smartphones, photo editing applications could only be run on a PC. The computer specifications required must be qualified. Not to mention the editing process which takes a long time. Now, thanks to the presence of smartphone technology development, everything is made easier through applications.

You don’t have to use a DSLR camera, everyone can be a photographer. Having basic photography skills plus the various features included makes making epic photos easy. The process of taking and processing photos can be done with just a touch of a finger on your smartphone.

List of Photo Editing Applications

In fact, the image converter application has features that are no less complete than a computer. Photo editing applications on smartphones are even more sophisticated with the help of AI technology. So that the process of processing images becomes even simpler. Here are some recommended photo editing applications for MindaCreative.com that you can try on a smartphone.

1. Snapseed

This professional photo processing application was designed by Google. Many professional photographers use this application. Many recommend it as the best photo processing application because of its relatively complete tools. Its superior tool is to open and process RAW DNG files without destroying the raw files, and save them in RAW or JPG form.

Besides that, the brush feature also has options such as exposure, saturation, brightness, and warmth. Its filters are also quite complete, starting from 1960 real films and retrolux.

However, although the majority of people like him, not all of them do. According to some people, this application is too complicated. What’s more, Snapseed doesn’t have auto-save.

So, when the application exits and your photos have not been saved, the data can be lost. But if you’re really serious about photography, this app is the best because it has more controls and details than other apps.

Interestingly, you can get all the features above for free on the Playstore.

2. Photoshop Express

Before making applications for smartphones, Adobe was better known for Photoshop on computers. Now, Photoshop Express is here. Although the features are not as complete as Photoshop, this application is quite widely used by photography enthusiasts.

With an abundance of features and tools, you can change various aspects of your photos. The good thing is, this application provides a preset save feature which is quite helpful for editing a lot of photos quickly. Apart from that, there are also excellent features such as Perspective correction, remove noise, Healing tool, and blur options. To create posters, Photoshop Express also provides a text addition feature. Not to forget, photo collages can also be made easier with collage templates.

Unfortunately, Photoshop Express doesn’t support RAW extensions, so it’s unpopular among professionals. Besides only supporting files in the jpg format, the size is limited to only 16 MP.

Photoshop express you can download for free. Even so, there are some filters and presets that can only be accessed by buying them.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Apart from Photoshop Express, Adobe also released Adobe Lightroom. Although it has many of the same functions, more professional photographers choose Lightroom because of its more comprehensive and comprehensive features. Starting from color enhancement to photo geometry can be changed through this application.

What’s more, Lightroom also supports extensions with RAW files. And with cloud services from Adobe, files can be saved automatically. Adobe’s cloud service also makes it easy to access these files in other applications, including PCs. In addition, access to other applications including social media is also easier.

Unfortunately, the above advantages must be paid a fairly expensive price. To get full access, you have to subscribe and renew your subscription by paying regularly… however, if you are a professional photographer it is a great price for its amazing features.

4. Picsart

In short, picsart is like a combination between Photoshop and Paint. Like Photoshop, this app has a variety of photo filters and features over various photo controls. Meanwhile, what makes Picsart like paint is the drawing and brush features. Apart from that, Picsart also has the ability to add objects such as stickers to photos. Picsart also has a built-in feature that makes it possible to create collages. Besides that, you can also add text to your photos using this application.

This photo editing application can be obtained for free, but to get full features and is free from advertisements, you can pay a subscription so that your Picsart becomes Picsart Gold.

5. VSCO photo editing application

Looks like a movie. has basic features like contrast, saturation, and grain. Apart from that, VSCO also provides more than 200 presets that can be applied to photos. The various color tones available can turn your photos beautiful in an instant. Apart from that, analog photo effects also make smartphone photos look like professional photos.

How to use is quite easy. Not surprisingly, many celebrity artists and mobile photographers use this application. But unfortunately, if you only use the free version, only limited presets are available.

6. Afterlight 2

For apple product users, Afterlight 2 is an impressive application. The user interface design of this application is classified as User friendly. Apart from that, the filters and presets provided are quite complete. Not to forget, the text addition feature also makes it easier for you to create content for Instagram. The fonts and stickers provided are quite varied and interesting.

Unfortunately, Afterlight 2 is only available for iphone and ipad. For Android smartphones, you can only use the predecessor version afterlight 2, namely afterlight. Although they are similar, the features they have are more limited.

7. Lens Distortion

Different from other applications, the lens distortion application focuses on the effect on lighting. Some of the effects provided are Glass effect, natural Sunlight, rain, snow, and fog. By using this application, you can add lamp shadows that make your photos look more vibrant and amazing. with smooth results, it is not obvious that the photo output of this application is the result of editing.

Unfortunately this application is quite heavy. In addition, the developer of this application is also slow in providing updates.

8. Hypocam

The developer of this app claims that this app is the best black and white photo shooter and photo editor. Fans of this application also agree with these claims.

With black and white photos, you can capture a distinct impression that is not present in color photos. Apart from that, black and white photos also don’t need a high ISO setting. Thus, the final result is safe from grain and noise.

This application is also equipped with tools devoted to monochrome photos. One of them is the photo texture setting.

9. Polarr Photo Editor

Polar photo editor offers a fairly complete range of overlays, lens effects, filters and masking for your photos. Besides that, the simple user interface also makes you feel at home for a long time editing photos. The developer of this application claims, you don’t need a photo editing application other than this application.

This application is quite powerful compared to other applications, because of the complete features and tools. Unfortunately, a smartphone to run this application must have high specifications and memory. Otherwise, the app will often close itself.

There you have it, nine widely used photo editing applications. Actually, there are many other photo processing applications, but the ones that are quite popular to use are already mentioned above. Not infrequently, for maximum results, it is necessary to use various applications.

So, maybe you need some geometry settings in lightroom, but you also need a filter in VSCO and an effect in Lens Distortion. So which photo editing app do you need?