Optimization of Facebook fanspage and Instagram for Google

Long before the internet boomed, businesses first existed. Business has various variants and sizes. Real business is not always large scale. Since long ago, businesses with small sizes still existed. Students who open a cafe business, people who sell used books, or housewives who open a grocery store. We have recognized all forms of business since decades ago.

It’s just that the presence of the internet has indeed changed many things. Then, as a generation that grew up when the internet was very developed, we should be grateful and grateful. Because, the presence of the internet indeed ultimately facilitates many things, including business.

If in the past the business was only limited to customers around, promotion by word of mouth, or having to spend a high budget to advertise, now with the internet it’s all made easy. Business in Surabaya will easily find its customers in Makassar. Restaurants located in the corner of Bantul Regency will be easily found by tourists from the Netherlands visiting Jogja.

The internet provides a variety of facilities that can grow a business on any scale. Not only transacting online, the internet is able to integrate customers online and offline to both deliver results to the business. Moreover, a variety of social media then emerged which made it easier for businesses to be known to the wider community in a cheap and practical way.

In this article, Facebook Fanpage and Google for Business will be discussed considering several things. One of them is because Facebook is the most social media with users in Indonesia, even in the whole world. While Google for Business was chosen because almost all internet users seem to use Google as their search engine.

Creating a Facebook page and also Google for Business are some interesting choices for every business owner to do. Both allow businesses to be better known to customers. However, it does not stop at making pages, the business owner must optimize so that the business appears when the user searches for the product offered.

If you use Facebook for your business, one thing you have to do is SEO optimization so that your Facebook appears on search engines. There are a number of things you can do, one of which is to set the URL on the fanpage according to the name of your fanpage. You also have to make sure the name of your fanpage is a brand name that meets the elements of a brand. The name must be quite easy to remember, show your brand character, and also fulfill the elements of Facebook users’ requirements, of course.

You need to know that on Facebook Fanpage actually the number of likers is not always directly proportional to SEO performance. Likewise with the amount of engagement. It’s just that high engagement does allow your page to appear more frequently on Facebook feeds than if there was no engagement at all.
Google for Business

Google for Business is one of the mainstay products from Google that serves to introduce business to customers who use Google Search Engine. Through Google for Business, business owners can create one page for their business, complete with various information needed by the customer. What is special, like other Google products, Google for Business is also made integrated with various other products that function to help customers, for example Google Maps.

The first thing a business owner must do in an SEO optimization effort is to claim the page as his own. Whether the business is already in the folder or not, you need to make a claim to show ownership as well as validation. You must also ensure that the information written on the page is complete and correct. Furthermore, you can add various photos that show your business, such as photos of products, shop interiors, or the atmosphere around where your business is located.
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By using Google for Business, you can find out insights about your customers. This page is also a link between customers online and online that your business has.

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