Oppo Neo 7 (A33W) Death LCD / Back Light Lamp


Oppo Neo 7 (A33W) LCD / Back Light Lamp Death

If you have ever had an Oppo case which when turned on only vibrates, and the LCD is still a black blank / does not show any display?
Do not rush to judge the problematic LCD.
Because the possibility that the problem is the path of the lights / back light, or a series of light regulators.

Try to observe the blank LCD oppo with the help of a flashlight, if you can see the display even faintly, it means that the problem is the line of lights / backlight or a series of lamp regulators.

This case often occurs if previously the Oppo entered water or was exposed to water, the light regulator circuit is very often short when exposed to water. Because the voltage that flows in this circuit is very large, around 30V to 40V, the path is also very often corroded when exposed to water.

In the following, I will share the problem of the OPPO neo 7 LCD / backlight line according to the case I am working on.
Regarding the regulator circuit, I will not discuss it on this occasion, because in this case I did not find any damage to the regulator circuit.

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