New Born Baby in 1950 60 70 80 90

Who was born in the 50’60’70’80s ..?

1- We who are born in the year 50-60-70-80 an, is a generation that deserves to be called the luckiest generation. Because we are the generation that experienced the technological leap that was so revolution in this century, with the state of prime age.

2- We are the last generation who ever enjoyed the sound of the taip machine. At the moment our fingers are still lively dancing on the keyboard as well.

3- We are the last generation to record a song from the radio with a tape recorder. At the same time we also enjoy the easy to load-down songs from the gadget.

4- We are the more generous children of childhood today because river baths, rock climbing, melting, jaws, gum sap, are the games that every day are familiar to us. At the same time our eyes and fingers remain nimble to play various games in the gadget.

5- We are the last generation in adolescence who ever had a promising gang, without phone / sms but always allowed to gather together to enjoy the whole week night … ? ? Because we are a generation who promise enough with heart. If we had to meet for a laugh together. Now we can still be ” ??????? ” in the Facebook / WhatsApp group.

6- We are the last generation who ever enjoyed the smoothness of the highway without jammed everywhere. Also ride the motor to enjoy the fresh breeze on the road without helmet on the head.

7- We are the last generation who have ever enjoyed without thinking there are kidnappers who haunt us.

8- We’re the last generation who ever felt the pleasure of watching black-and-white tv with great pleasure to move the channel here ????

9- You are the last generation who ever so expect the arrival of a post Delivering a letter, from a friend or a lover of heart?.???.??

10. Generation who bring RM0.10 – RM0.50 to school but blh eat to satisfy kat canteen …
That’s us ..

Credit: Ezam Nordin

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