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How to Make Short Movie with Android or iPhone

How to Make Short Movie with Android or iPhone

Now, almost everyone has the same opportunity to share stories through audio-visual media. Starting with intention, observation, and of course adequate device support, you can become a creator.

Galaxy Note10|10+ with the support of ‘the power to create’ through the pro-grade camera feature is ready to bring creators to become “the powerful creators.”

Yandy Laurens, a writer, director, lecturer and super dad said that in the past, sharing stories through audio-visual media was not as easy as it is now because of limited tools.

“It’s great that the current facilities, with increasingly sophisticated devices, supported by creativity in expressing visual ideas, can produce interesting content. And more than exciting, we can make it anywhere at any time, it’s as easy as taking a smartphone out of pocket and the moment is ready to be recorded.” said Yandy, Monday (23/9/2019).

After making a short film with Galaxy S10 (The Power of Sharing on YouTube), here are Yandy’s tips for creating powerful content using the Galaxy Note10|10+:

1. Make Sure Your Story Has Shape

Every story must have a form. Some use the structure of 2 acts, 3 acts, 5 acts, 8 sequences. Which one to choose and how to apply it? You can read a lot of reading references or articles about story structure on various websites. Then test your story whether it fulfills the form of a story.

Well, because each structure has its own direction, the most fun testing or brainstorming process is done through doodles. In our office, we usually use whiteboards or sticky notes, now with the S pen, we can now do it anywhere and anytime.

2. Get to know the mainstay device in your hand

Note10 has a pro grade camera that allows us to record images up to UHD 3840 x 2160 quality and is also equipped with a Zoom-In Mic. This feature really supports our content creation because video is not only about visual content, but also the sound contained in it. Zoom-In Mic can help clarify audio in the frame and suppress noise or noise in the surrounding environment so that it can help users get the desired sound focus.

This feature works by combining the three microphones on the Note10 so that it can record good quality sound without an additional microphone. We can still record video, while still setting the sound we want to highlight. Usually this feature is very reliable when recording on the spot
crowd, and we want to focus on one object along with its sound – then later the sound on the video will be more clearly heard at the focus of the intended object.

When zooming in on an object, we can get up to 3x greater sound quality than normal recording. When you have a smartphone with good picture and sound recording quality, the process of producing your videos will be very practical and fun.

3. Explore Live Focus Video Features to Build Mood in Pictures

When we watch movies, certain scenes look more dramatic when the background of the object is added with a bokeh effect. Imagine, for example, a scene when you take an object with a background of urban lights, and the light rays appear blurry – then the expression and focus on the object becomes more attractive and beautiful.

On the Note10, the Depth Vision camera with ToF sensor, can support us to make Live Focus Video and add bokeh effect settings to 4 types of background, namely blur, big circle, color point and glitch.

Choose which effect best suits the needs of the scene. For example, if there are lights on the frame, the bokeh big circle effect can make the lights on the background help build the mood in the scene.

4. Plan Your Shot

When recording a moment or creating content, we often like to record non-stop while moving the camera. It’s fun, but when we watch it later we get tired because the objects in the frame become random all the time.

Every shot we take should be designed with a good angle, type of shot and camera movement – ​​as spontaneous as the situation. Especially camera movement, if the camera movement is felt to not contribute anything to the content of the scene then treat it like being on a tripod, if the scene is finished or the moment passes, cut.

Move your camera, re-plan the angle, type of shot, camera movement, fixed? Record then cut again. Move – lock frame – record – cut. Repeat. Note10 already has the Advanced Super Steady feature, which is the right feature to help us stabilize video footage for more stable and smooth footage. This makes it easier for us to take pictures without a tripod -as stable as possible. This feature of course makes it easier for us if we want to make the camera move.

But make sure we design the camera movement in the shot. Note10 also has a Hyperlapse feature that can also work with the Avanced Super Steady feature, with an increase in sample rate from 500MHz 1 to 833MHz, the Super Steady feature can adjust fast and agile movements, resulting in smoother and more natural videos. We can use this to tell a certain moment or scene.

5. Editing is rewriting

During actual production we are rewriting the story because the possibilities on the ground can be very different from our design. Likewise in the editing stage, this is an opportunity to write the story back to be better. This is the time for us to respond to our shooting results with good creative energy.

This rewriting (editing) process can now even be done directly on the Note10. The easy editing feature on the Note10 provides its own advantages because according to its spontaneous style, videos can be edited easily at that time.

The video editor application can also be maximized with the use of the S Pen, so instead of tapping with a finger to select or edit clips, users can directly select the right footage to edit with the S Pen more accurately.

For those who prefer to have a lot of variety in video editing, users can use Adobe Premiere Rush 2 on the Galaxy Note10 with the help of the S Pen for more varied and accurate video editing results.

6. Go More Pro with Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX can be optimized to help edit photos or videos. Download Samsung DeX on PC/Mac, and connect your Note10 with just a USB cable. We can also take photos, videos, and sketches using smartphones, and if they need to be edited, we can review them in more detail and edit them directly with Samsung DeX.

Several video and photo editing applications that have been integrated with Samsung DeX include Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, and other productivity and creativity support applications.