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How to Make Blog on WordPress Website and Make Money

Actually anyone can become a successful blogger, but for those of you who have never known about this world of bloggers, of course there are various kinds of things that you must learn well about the world.

On the internet there is indeed quite a lot of information and even tutorials about this blogger world, but still novice bloggers, tend to feel confused about what to do the first time. Until finally many of them feel hopeless and stop in the middle of the road.

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In this article, we will explain the steps that beginner bloggers must take when entering the world of bloggers. How to get started, what to learn and more. So that you as a beginner blogger have the knowledge to become a successful blogger.

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There are various goals when someone creates a blog, but mostly, the main goal is to become a successful blogger and make a lot of money.

Tips to Start Blogging for Beginners

Is it true that blogs can make money?

Of course this is true. Of course, it is impossible for many people to be willing to write various kinds of articles, without a clear purpose. The following are tips for those of you who want to become a successful beginner blogger.

1. Determine the topic and purpose

Before you dive into the world of this blogger, you should determine your intent and purpose. Are you just plunging into the world of bloggers, this is just a hobby, want to make money, or other things.

With a clear goal, you have the motivation to develop your blog. To become a famous and successful blog, then you must be consistent and diligent, create and assemble the blog. Next determine the topic for the blog.

What is the Topic or Niche

This topic is the main core of the entire content of the writing that you want to convey, or people familiar with the topic of conversation.

What topic should you choose?

You should choose a topic that you are good at, such as when you like the world of female beauty. We recommend that you create a topic about beauty tips, beauty product reviews, etc.

For example, you can see Indonesian beauty blogger sites how they create content. Likewise if you are good at other things. Focus on the topic you are creating, so people will easily find what they need.

2. Create a blog and use a good template

After you determine the topic to be created, the next is to determine the blog that will be used. There are several free blog providers that you can use, such as,, and several other blogs. For those of you who are still confused about choosing the right blog, it’s better if you choose blogspot.


Using good templates

After you choose the right blog, then the next step is to choose the right template, and it is suitable for the blog that is being created. Also pay attention to whether the template has various search engine friendly elements. You don’t need to feel confused, because currently there are lots of free templates that you can choose from.

If you already have a blog, what should you do?

After you have a blog, then register your blog to search engines. The goal is none other than, your blog is easily recognized by search engines.

3. Learn How to write Better Articles

The next thing you should do is learn to write an article. You must learn how to arrange words well, so that they are easy and comfortable to read.

What to write

What you have to write, of course, is related to the blog you are creating. You also need to learn to find titles that are most sought after by visitors. Then make good writing, and comfortable to read. Then publish your writing.

What to do when the article is finished publishing?

All you have to do is submit your article on a search engine.

4. Promote The Content

There are 2 ways to promote content that you can do, so that your articles are known to people, namely online or offline. The offline way is to include your blog address in various brochures or other things. While the online way is to use a variety of social media that you have.

Promotion purpose

The purpose of this promotion is that your blog will be visited by many readers.

5. Learn SEO and How to Get Best Desain Blog Template

What is SEO?

SEO is a way that you must do so that your articles are easily searchable.

Why should you learn SEO?

By using good SEO, visitors will easily enter your blog, when using a search engine.

6. Learn How to Make Money Online

The more visitors who come to your blog, the easier it will be to make money. Because there will be various applications that will contact you later.

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