How to Speed up internet connection in PC Laptop or SmartPhone

How to speed up Indihome internet connection will not be possible if you want to add an internet connection that is used.

For example, currently using a 10MB connection and wants to be 20MB. That’s not what it means.
Now what we mean from speeding up the internet is to stabilize the network connection used, so internet access can run faster.

As we all know, Indihome is one of the services of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia which includes home telephones, cable tv, and internet networks.
We are sure that the average Indonesian community uses the Indihome network as an internet connection at home.
Because Indihome has expanded its services throughout Indonesia.

Besides Indihome, actually there are still some provide or other home internet network services.
Call it like Biznet, My Republic, and many others.

But about the stability of the internet, we prefer Indihome.
Especially now that there is already a Fiber Optic network that automatically has an internet connection faster than a standard network that is connected by telephone cable.

We can also speed up the Indihome Fiber internet connection in several ways.

Now on this occasion we will provide a way to increase Indihome internet speed on PCs, Laptops, and Android Phones.
The goal is that my friend can access the internet comfortably while browsing, playing online games, uploading, or streaming.
Now to find out what kind of way, please refer to Minda Art Pro information below.

How To Speed ​​Up Indihome Android & PC Internet Connection

How To Speed ​​Up Indihome Internet Connection1. Using the SG TCP Optimizer Application
The way this one is specifically for users of PCs or laptops based on Windows.

The function of SG TCP Optimizer is to make changes to the computer connection settings, so that later internet connection speeds can be maximized.
The application can also be downloaded for free “HERE”.

Meanwhile, how to use it just choose the menu “Modifify All Network Adapaters”, then choose the settings “Optimal” and just click “Apply Settings”.

Automatically the SG TCP Optimizer application will optimize Indihome internet connection settings in the hope that the internet connection will be faster.
However, these applications may not function as desired.
Maybe this happened because there was a problem with internet disruption, so the connection used remained slow or slow.

2. Changing DNS
The way to speed up the second indihome internet connection is by changing the DNS. You can choose a variety of DNS that can be used free of charge, such as Cloudflare DNS ( or Google DNS (

Changing the DNS address will stabilize the internet connection, so internet access can be faster.
Android smartphone users can also try a number of DNS change applications, such as which is the official application from Cloudflare. Now to try it please download it on Playstore. Faster & Safer Internet
Download it
QR-Code Faster & Safer Internet
Developer: Cloudflare, Inc.
Price: Free +

3. Restart the Modem
Often the Indihome internet connection is slow because the modem is turned on continuously. That’s why we recommend to first restart the modem or turn it off first so the modem doesn’t overheat.

If the modem is hot, it certainly will interfere with the modem’s performance so that it makes internet access more slow.
Now after the modem is restarted, then my friend can see the difference in internet speed that is being used.

Then how do you see the speed? To find out please refer to the information “How to Check Internet Speed” in the previous article.

4. Checking Indihome Network Users
One of the causes of the slow Indihome internet is that there are too many connected devices. There may be people who are not known to access the internet connection that we have.

Now to find out who is currently using our Wi-Fi network, then you can open the router menu via the address 192.168.1.
But usually each router has different settings, but both are provided with a menu to see the DHCP Clients List that contains the device name, MAC Address, and IP.

Now if you see an unknown device, then you can do IP address retrieval along with the MAC Address used.

Then what about Android smartphone users? Now for those who use the Android phone can try an application called FING that will automatically display a list of devices connected to the network that we use.

Now for those who are still confused, it’s better to listen to the information “How to Know Who’s Using Wifi” that we conveyed earlier.

5. Delete the Temporary Internet File

What is meant by Temporary Internet File? It could be said is the cache that the browser generates when we open a site.
The benefit is to speed up loading a website that we have previously accessed.

Although the aim is to speed up, but over time the cache will only slow down the internet connection because the browser is burdened by cache.

Now how to delete the Temporary Internet File can use Cleaner applications, such as CCleaner available on computer devices and Android phones.
In our opinion the CCleaner application is the easiest application to clear cache.

We can even clear the cache of various installed applications to the registry file on the computer.

6. Removing Viruses From Computers

One more reason for the internet to be slow, namely the Virus.

Viruses vary, but the most commonly experienced by computer users is Malware.

Usually the virus will display advertisements automatically, thus making an internet connection when visiting a web page becomes slow.
To remove the virus, you can try popular Anti Virus applications, such as AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, and many others.

How to Overcome Internet Slow7. Browser Update

The next way to speed up internet connection is to update the browser to the latest version.
Every developer will definitely provide an update to overcome the bugs that occur in the homemade application.
In addition, you can also replace browsers that are often used with new browsers that have the ability to access the internet faster, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

8. Using VPN
VPN is not only useful for accessing blocked sites, but can also speed up internet connections.

The reason VPN will direct the internet connection used to a particular server according to the selected location.
Now for internet users in Indonesia, our suggestion is to use a VPN with a server in Singapore or the closest location to Indonesia.
However, when using VPN, you must be careful, because there are many risks as we submit in the following article “Risks of Using VPN”.
We ourselves prefer to use the best VPN applications with proven reputation, such as AVG Secure VPN, TunnelBear VPN, etc.

9. Upgrade Indihome Services

The most effective way to speed up Indihome’s internet connection is to upgrade the service.

If you are currently using Indihome services with a speed of 10MB, then we recommend to replace it to 20MB.

Of course there are costs to be incurred, because the faster the internet connection is used, the more expensive monthly fees.
We ourselves use Indihome 50MB connection with a monthly fee of around 500 thousand, not including TV, just the internet

10. Migrate to Fiber Optics

For those who still use conventional Indihome internet connections that use telephone cables, we suggest moving to Indihome Fiber Optic services.
The difference in internet speed is indeed very far and in our opinion the Indihome network is far more stable and free from weather disturbances.
To upgrade, you can contact 147 call centers or come directly to the nearest Telkom office.

How to speed up Indihome internet connection is the last way if you want internet access that is much faster.

Now those are various ways to speed up the Indihome internet connection that we use. Please try it, and hopefully the results are positive and can make the internet connection used to be more stable and faster.

But don’t expect Indihome internet speeds that are used to exceed subscription packages, because the way to speed up Indihome internet connection above is only limited to increasing internet stability so that later you can be more free to stream, browse, chat, to play online games.