How to Shorten a Video on iPhone or iPad

How to Shorten a Video on iPhone or iPad

To Shorten a Video on iPhone or iPad is jus used Video Editor App for iPhone or iPad on iOs.

Talk about the quality of applications on the iOS platform, certainly no doubt. Similarly, the quality of applications on Android is also increasing.


How to Edit Video on iPhone?

But specially video editing apps, iPhone or iPad users may be proud of themselves and Android users are forced to admit defeat.

The reason, if most Android video editing applications only allow you to edit photos with a slide show. On iOS you can perform professional video editing process with comprehensive control.

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Best Free 5 App Video Editing for iPhone or iPad

Dont believe? Reporting from Phone Arena, the following 5 best video editing apps on iOS that have above average quality and are not available on Android.

1. iMovie

Surely you already know, the results of video recording from the iPhone is qualified. Not stop there, Apple also created a video editing application called iMovie. This app lets you create movies easily, but with spectacular results. You can edit videos even up to 4K resolution.

Great movie at your fingertips. Just select the theme and clip you want to use. Then tap and swipe to edit, add effects, and create a soundtrack. With sophisticated audio tools, you can cut, separate, dim, duplicate, or reset any audio position anywhere in the timeline.

In addition, iMovie is equipped with 14 trailer templates, 8 unique themes, 10 beautiful video filters. You can also create slow-motion effects with slo-mo video. There are many more features to create amazing videos with iMovie.

Download iMovie in the App Store


2. Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Studio Pro is a video editing application with a very easy-to-use interface. So lets you quickly edit video, photos, and audio files.

You can organize clips in Storyboard, edit precision using Timeline, and Dual View Precision, and add high-quality transitions, effects, and soundtracks. You can also use media contained in iCloud.

Well, the results can be uploaded directly to YouTube, Box, and other services. To be sure, this app comes with many useful features, but with an easy-to-use interface. That’s the advantage!

Download Pinnacle Studio Pro in the App Store


3. LumaFX

LumaFX is a powerful video editing application, and allows you to customize and correct the video color. With LumaFX, you can add color effects, styles, blur, pixel effects, and distortions to create various effects.

Furthermore, you can set individual parameters on each effect and color correction, or use keyframing to animate any effect.

The app supports 120fps video files, 240fps slo-mo, and video time lapse. You can also easily cut, play video, change aspect ratio, adjust audio level, and can use media files stored in iCloud Photo Library directly to the application.

Download LumaFX in the App Store

4. Splice

Splice is a video editing application with more complex features and requires manual user input. This app promises editing features that are equivalent to desktop apps, but with an easy-to-navigate interface as well as efficient mobile app ala.

Splice makes it easy to professionally create videos on iOS devices. Allows you to cut clips, adjust transitions, add slow motion effects, sync music videos, apply filters and adjust background color, add title slides, adjust speed for fast or slow motion playback, and choose from a wide range of free music and sound effects.

Download Splice in the App Store

5. Magisto

As the name implies, the Magisto app can help you in making videos like a magic. Yes, this one application has many features that can facilitate you in editing video with satisfactory results.

This application is also accompanied by several themes that you can choose during the video editing process. You can add music, apply effects such as video auto stabilization, face recognition, video filters, video effects, and transitions.

Download Magisto in the App Store

Those are the 5 best photo editing apps that only exist on iOS and are not on Android. Very powerful is not it? So, for you who are interested or work as a videographer, then you can consider the use of the above application. How, do you have other video editing apps? Share in comment field Ok?!


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