How To Print Screen Windows 7 and Capture Web Browser Easily

How To Print Screen Windows 7 and Capture Web Browser Easily

How To Print Screen Windows 7

If you want to capture the moment that happens on a computer monitor screen, you can do it with screenshots or screen capture.

In Windows 7 itself there are 3 ways you can do to print screen.

The first you can do screen printing using Windows default features.

Secondly, you can print the screen using the default Windows application called Snipping Tool.

Finally you can use free screen capture software. Here is more complete Minda Creative provide a review.

Using the PrtSc (Print Screen) Keyboard Button

The first way you can do is to press the “PrtSc” button which is usually located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

When the image has been copied to the clipboard, open image editing software such as Paint.

After opening you only need to select the “Paste” option or use the CTRL + V key combination.

That way the image will appear, from there you can also do basic editing before the image is saved.

Using Snipping Tools

The next way you can use the system default software that is Snipping tools. with this tool you can take screenshoots with several options such as.

1). Take it according to the desired shape (Free-from Snip).
2). Take it with a square shape (Rectangular Snip).
3). Take it based on the selected Window (Windows Snip).
4). Take it with full screen size (Full-Screen Snip).

And to take a screenshot, search for the Snipping Tool application from the Start Menu> Accessories, then select the method you want to use to take a screenshot, drag it according to the area that you want to take the picture.

After the screenshot is taken it will appear in the editor window, you can immediately save it according to the desired format.

You can also do a little basic editing or send the picture to an email.

Using 3rd Party Software

Of the many software for screenshoot. MindaCreative recommends you try Picpick.

Because with this software, besides you can capture screens, you can also do basic to advanced editing.

Suitable for you who often make pictures for the purposes of tutorials, guides, etc.

To capture the screen yourself. the way you only need to open Picpick, after that use the “PrtSc” button (same as the first way). That way automatically the image will appear in the picpick editor window. From there you can do editing at will, like adding frames, watermarks, blur, etc.

Now that’s 3 ways you can do for Printscreen on Windows 7, it’s easy enough isn’t it?

From the many ways, which one do you think is the easiest? ๐Ÿ™‚

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