How to Optimize SEO Websites Use Blogs to No.1 on Google

5. Indexing – while waiting for your post to enter Google, you can share it to social media so that posts are indexed faster by Google.

6. Do SEO OFFPAGE – for example, you can use a backlink commenting pattern, backlink wheel / pyramid, submit to social bookmarks, etc.

If I may say, these 6 steps are the essence of basic SEO efforts. It’s not complicated, even for beginners.

What is rather heavy is the issue of writing interesting and selling articles, as well as GOOGLE FRIENDLY so that they are easy to find by GOOGLE. Because after all, building a blog requires strong determination to write.

Well, here is the challenge.

By the way, I was reminded of the Indonesian language lesson chapter, making pusyiing. Ha ha ha..

Then, Where Should I Start?

Now, after you read the reviews above, now everything is back to you. If you want to learn by yourself, you can learn to implement the basic 6 steps of SEO above in order and practice, practice, practice …

Start by making relevant posts and often practice researching keywords. Because this is indeed important to do.

And if you really seriously want to hone SEO skills to build a website and earn money online, meet the following SEO MENTOR references:

Yusuf Shembah with his SEO DOMINATION course – click here

Daffi Shaci from SaungSEO – click here

Satria Rasyid who runs Private SEO Courses – click here

They are SEO practitioners who are experienced and have long flight hours.

But if you feel you have made a headache, it doesn’t hurt you also use third party SEO services. Even so, it’s good for you to understand the concept.

What is clear is that there is no shortcut to Pejwan. What is there is hard work, smart work, and sincere work …

Well, hopefully tips on the steps on how to use a blog SEO website is useful for friends. Please submit in the comments column if you want to share about SEO.

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