How to Make Video File Size Smaller for Email

How to Make Video File Smaller for Email

How to Make a Video File Size Smaller for Email

6 Easy Ways to Compress a Video Files size for Email

When you just shot a great video or shot a screen video and finished editing it then you want to share it via email to your friends or colleagues.

But when you attach an attachment file in an email and want to press the send button, your email system can’t send the video, or you receive a failed email notification.

Video files that are too large cannot be sent by email.

Prior to 2004, you could share large video files by copying the files to a USB flash drive and handing them over to your colleagues.

Today, we have more options for compressing and sending large videos by email.
In this blog post, I will explain an easy way to compress a video file to be smaller in size or how to send it to email in 2 ways:

1. By uploading it to Google Drive, or
2. Compress the video to a smaller size

1. Use a Google Drive and Other cloud service – Just Share it links

Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and others are cloud services which enable you to share larger video size files easily. They all work more or less the same way,

Register an account then uploading the desktop client, and accessing the service online. Then you can upload the largers video file and share the link by e-mail with your friend or colleagues.

2. Share a video link without uploading

Parallels Access has a feature, “Share a file” which allows you to share videos with large file sizes with just a few clicks, without the need for cloud services or uploading files to your Mac or PC.
You can simply link to your video and send it to your contacts, with the option to add a password and expiration date:

Download Parallels Access and activate it.
Right click on the video file you want to share and select “Share> Parallels Access”

Add description and password (if required) then click “Share”

Figure 11: Share your video files via E-mail

A link has been created which you can share with your contact via e-mail. They just click on the link and then download the video before the link expires.


3. Make videos shorter and smaller with Adobe Premiere on your PC or Laptop

If you have a video editing application, you can convert the video file to a smaller video format and lower resolution

Or you can break the video into several short sections. It can also reduce file size.

You can also use online video convert sites.
The smaller file will now open in a blank email, ready to send.

4. Download videos at a lower quality

Another way you can convert videos via online video convert sites and after converting then download them with lower quality, to get smaller video files
You can do this procedure on Windows and Mac:

The video will download the fastest it should be. You can also download full playlists, or multiple videos (playlists) with just one click:

Downloading files of lower quality than high quality can reduce the size of the video:

Download videos at low quality

5. Create a zip file

The most common way to compress videos is to convert them into zip files.
The file will be reduced in size, and the quality will not be affected.
While this is a quick and easy way to compress videos, you won’t see a big change in file size.
The video file is only slightly reduced, so the video size is likely too large.
This method is effective only to slightly reduce the video size.
These features are available for both Windows and Mac users:

Right click on the video file:
Windows users, select “Send to> Compressed (zipped) folder”

Figure 1: Creating a zip file in Windows

Mac users, select “Compress name”

Figure 2: Creating a zip file for Windows users