1. Download and register TikTok

The first step, of course, is to download the TikTok first.

This application is available on the Apple App Store for those of you who use the iPhone and the Google Play Store for those who use an Android phone.

You can just download it, then register and start creating an account.

If you want it to be easier, you can also register by connecting your TikTok to Facebook, Twitter or a Gmail account.

2. Set up an Account Profile

After registering, enter your Profile by tapping the “Me” icon in the lower right corner and selecting edit Profile.

Add pictures or videos to your profile, and don’t forget to fill in your Bio to make it interesting.

When you first create an account, usually your username is still a row of codes or numbers.

You can change this username according to the account name you want.

You can also add Instagram, YouTube and Twitter links to your TikTok profile so that your content can be more exposed.

This is also useful for those of you who use TikTok to promote a business or brand.

3. Look for ideas

Tap on the “Home” tab after you have set up your profile to see what recommendations TikTok offers.

Just like Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, this application will also display suggestions for accounts whose content you might like to follow or watch.

Well, here you can start looking for ideas on what TikTok videos to make.

From the recommended videos and accounts, you usually start to imitate what many people are doing.

Start channeling your creativity!

You can also search for accounts, hashtags, sounds, videos or challenges that are currently being created by other TikTok users by tapping the search icon “Discover”.

If you want to be more specific, just type in the account name, sounds, hashtag or challenge you are looking for into the bar in the search field.

4. Interact

Next, start interacting. Watching videos on TikTok is the same as on Instagram or Facebook. You can give reactions such as liking (tap love), commenting, or re-sharing the content that you have watched.

The option to interact is available on the right of the screen while the video is playing. If you want to follow the creator, you can do a left swipe to go to their profile page and subscribe to the creator’s account.

5. Start making your own videos

After observing it, you will definitely be interested in starting to make your own video.

To do this, tap the plus “+” icon in the middle on the bottom bar of the screen to start recording.

6. Record video

You can now tap the record button in the middle of the screen and start recording.

So you don’t have to hold down the record button, you can do this by setting the time limit for recording them, while you can freely move and express yourself.

7. Edit-edit

After recording a video, you can edit it, add songs, text, filters, and so on to make your video more creative.

The screen will display a number of options for editing the video, including flip, speed, beauty, timer, filters, effects and many more.

After editing it, tap “Next” and you will be taken to the next page to add additional captions before uploading.

Those are the steps for making TikTok videos for beginners. At first it might be confusing, but you just try one by one. Over time, your creativity will be honed. Good luck!