How to Make Stickers on Whatsapp

Hi You are a Whatsapp user right? In this day and age, who doesn’t use Whatsapp. From housewives, elementary school children, students to office workers use Whatsapp as a means of communication. Quoted from Wikipedia, Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without SMS fees, because WhatsApp Messenger uses internet data packages. WhatsApp Messenger is more popularly called Whatsapp or WA. Did you know that you can use the Whatsapp app easily and for free now? Yep, a few months ago Whatsapp released its newest sticker feature. So, you can use various attractive stickers when chatting. In addition, how to make stickers in WA is also quite easy.

October 1, 2018, Stickers on Whatsapp Appear
2 WhatsApp Advantages
3 Whatsapp vs Line Stickers
3.1 1. Free
3.2 2. Making your own stickers in WA
3.3 3. Copy WhatsApp Stickers
4 Ways to Make Stickers on WA (Whatsapp)
4.1 1. Prepare the photo you want to make a sticker
4.2 2. Removing Photo Background
4.3 3. Preparing the Photos You Want to Upload
4.4 4. Uploading Photo Stickers of Your Choice
4.5 5. How to Make Stickers in WA, Done!
5 Conclusions

how to make a sticker on wa

The presence of a sticker feature on Whatsapp, makes this application more popular. There are various types of stickers that you can choose from. Even now there are stickers with pictures of your face or others that you can make yourself! What to do when you want to enjoy the sticker feature on whatsapp? What is the difference between a sticker in WA and a sticker in some other chat application? How do you make a sticker on your own photo? Let’s find out, so you can understand more!
October 2018, Stickers on Whatsapp appear

Quoted from Phone Arena, Whatsapp is indeed being incessant incessantly to update features such as multi-user video calls, the duration of deleting messages and sticker features. This sticker feature can be enjoyed by Android and iOS users so that chatting activities are more exciting. To enjoy the latest features of Whatsapp, you must update WhatsApp to version 2.18.329 on the Google Play Store for Android users. As for iOS users, please update the WhatsApp application to version 2.18.100. There are some funny and interesting stickers that you can use for free. You can also make your own stickers with various other people’s photo expressions. How to make stickers in WA is also quite easy. Many tutorials on the internet that you can find. Whatsapp Messenger has many advantages compared to other chat applications.
WhatsApp excellence

Quoted from Whatsapp and Wikipedia, as for some excellent features of Whatsapp Messenger for example:
1. The message is reliable and simple
2. Send messages to friends and family using a telephone internet connection
3. Has a group chat feature for up to 256 people at once
4. Talk for free using Whatsapp voice and video calls
5. There are Whatsapp Web and desktop features
6. Security is guaranteed because it uses end-to-end encryption
7. Share important moments in realtime with the default WA camera
8. Photos and videos will be sent quickly even if you are on a slow connection
9. There is a voice note feature
how to make a sticker on wa

Source: WhatsApp Features

10. Easily share documents up to 100MB
11. Has a feature to send GPS location. Not only in the form of a link, but can be directly displayed
12. Integrated into the system
13. Has a certain status message. For example, a red clock when loading, a check mark when sent to the network, a double check mark if a message has been sent to a chat friend and a red cross if the message fails
14. Has a broadcasts feature to personal or group chat
15. delete messages or retract messages that have been sent
16. Simple and lightweight
17. There is a Whatsapp for Business feature
Whatsapp vs Line Stickers

Line and Whatsapp application competition is indeed quite heavy. In the past, despite consuming quite a lot of RAM, Line was more popular with the community because it had many stickers that could be downloaded for free. Unlike Whatsapp, which survives with a simple, minimalist look that still focuses on chatting. But now, Whatsapp has released a sticker feature that can be enjoyed by many people. There are even stickers that you can make yourself. How to make stickers in WA is also easy. Stickers with other people’s photos or photos of yourself.

how to make a sticker on wa

1. Free

In WA, there are some cute stickers that you can use for free such as, Cuppy by Minseung Song, Salty by Alisa Kryzhanovska, Komo by Sanat Rath, Bibimbap Friends by Pete Ellison, Unchi & Rollie by nu1t, Shiba Inu by Aiko Kuninoi, The Maladroits by Cole Ott, Koko by Hanasake Picture Inc., Fearless and Fabulous by Ann Shen, Banana by Jayde Fish, Biscuit by Ghostbot and Hatch by Hatch.
If it’s on the Line, there are some free and paid stickers. For stickers with a variety of shapes and features you can only get by buying in the Line shop. But for stickers that can move and stickers that make their own sounds, not yet available on Whatsapp.
2. Make Your Own Stickers in WA

On Whatsapp, you don’t need to buy stickers made by other people like Line Application. You can get various stickers for free or make your own stickers as you wish. How to make your own stickers on wa is very easy. All you need is a few supporting applications such as a photo editing application and sticker uploader application. First, a photo editing application is used to erase the background of a photo, add other creations, add words, and so on. You can install the Background Eraser, PicsArt application or other photo editing applications that are commonly used.
how to make a sticker on wa

Source: Google Play Store

Second, for how to make a sticker on your wa you can install the Personal Sticker for Whatsapp application. This application aims to include photos that you have previously edited. Photos that have been edited, can be uploaded directly to Whatsapp through this application. You must provide at least 3 photos so the sticker package can be uploaded to WhatsApp.
3. Copy WhatsApp Stickers

Besides being free, stickers on Whatsapp can also be copied / copied by other users you know! You can easily copy someone else’s sticker if it’s funny or has to be saved. How to? If you see a funny sticker that belongs to your friend or another user, please put a star on the selected sticker. Well, the sticker will later appear in your list of stickers and can be reused. How to make stickers in WA and copy stickers is what Whatsapp has. Unlike the Line where you have to buy a sticker that you want.

How to Make Stickers on WA (Whatsapp)

Still curious about how to make a sticker on wa? Take it easy! This time DomaiNesia will provide tips and tricks on how to make stickers on wa easily. Even beginners can! Quoted from Kompas, following step by step,
1. Prepare the photo you want to make a sticker

Now it’s time to make stickers on Whatsapp. You have to prepare some photos that you want to make stickers. Can a photo of your friends, relatives, lawyers or even your enemies. Choose 3 or more photos, because Whatsapp requires a minimum of 3 stickers that can be added to the application.
2. Removing Photo Background

Now it’s time to delete the photo background by using the photo editing application that was explained earlier. You can download and install the Background Eraser application in the Play Store. If it has been successfully installed, please load images by selecting the Eraser icon and then selecting the photo that you want to remove the background. Please delete the background as you wish. You can crop the photo first and then delete it with the auto or magic feature it has. Or if you want to delete it manually you can. After that, click Save to save the photo editing.
3. Preparing the Photo You Want to Upload

Well, please delete the background for at least 3 photos. Because the sticker package that can be added to Whatsapp is at least 3 photos. Make sure the photo has the .PNG extension
4. Uploading Photo Stickers of Your Choice

Now it’s time to upload the photo you want to make into a sticker. Please install the Personal Sticker for WhatsApp application in the Play Store.

After that, open Whatsapp and then select the add emoji option located to the left of the column to type the message. Then select the “Stickers” icon and a sticker display will appear. Now to add a photo that you made, select the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner. Please scroll down then click “Get more stickers”, select the option to add the photo you made earlier.

Automatically, the Personal Sticker for WhatsApp application will open. Then select the photos that you edited earlier. Then click Add. The photos will be packaged as a sticker package and can be used immediately to accompany your chat excitement.
5. How to Make Stickers in WA, Done!

Yeay You now have succeeded in making a sticker on WA itself. To use a sticker that has been made, please click the sticker button then select the photo according to the expression you want.

There are various advantages of WhatsApp stickers compared to other applications. Besides being free, you can make your own stickers and copy the stickers you want. How to make stickers in WA is also easy. Feel the fun of chatting using a homemade sticker with the WhatsApp application. If there are problems related to cheap DomaiNesia hosting services, you can contact the Support Team via WhatsApp. Greetings DomaiNesia!

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