How to Increase Follower on Instagram without App

increase follower on instagram

The growth of Instagram users has skyrocketed every year. Noted in 2018 users of this application earned up to one billion users. Because of that, Instagram has become a social tool that people are most interested in, especially as a place to promote something.

Not enough just to post photos or videos, having a large number of followers in Instagram is a dream that many people have to achieve their respective goals.

Then, how to easily add followers to nstagram? Below are available some tips that you can choose to answer that question. Listen yes!

1. Follow Celebrity Accounts and Popular People

Look for official Instagram accounts, celebrities or artists whose followers are many and are rapidly growing. If you have found it, open their followers tab. The new celebrity accounts are in the top position.

Follow at least 10-15 accounts with a gap of about 10 minutes to continue following other accounts. This needs to be done to avoid being banned due to the addition of unnatural followers. If you don’t want the following to follow, you can follow those accounts a few days later.

2. Follow Then Unfollow

Almost similar to the first point. After you find and follow accounts that have many followers, the next step is to unfollow and then follow again several times. It is allowed to directly apply it to several users or just one person.

It should be noted, when doing this tip give pause one to two minutes. If you do this with a gap that is too short, your account will risk being suspended. The effect is unquestionable, your followers will increase sharply without adding a following. So, this method is said to be the most effective tactic for those who don’t want the following to go up.

3. Don’t set Your account Private

This is a way that should get more attention for you who are ambitious to add followers. By locking Instagram, it means that indirectly you don’t want many people to see your posts.

Not to mention, your new followers have to wait for a rather long time because they have to get your approval before you can really start following. Leaving a free Instagram account open will make it easier for your content to get lots of likes, comments and the possibility to get into explore, so that makes many other people interested in following your account.

4. Post Regularly interesting photos and videos at the right time

This method is the safest and recommended way when using Instagram but is somewhat tricky. The reason, using this method requires creativity, hard work and a lot of thinking. Because to make an interesting content, you have to really think about the concept of what you want displayed in your feed.

What you need to realize and remember when doing this technique is to be patient and never feel tired, satisfied and bored to always learn to make good content every day. Another note, when posting you must know the right prime time. According to research conducted by, the best hours are different every day.

5. Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags (or hashtags) is very important if you are serious about growing followers. Using a hashtag makes it easy for others to find your photo because the hashtag’s working system is to group photos based on the same hashtag.

However, do not carelessly use the hashtag. First you have to learn what hashtags that match the photos that will be posted. The use of 11 to 30 hashtags in one photo will further provoke other user interactions on Instagram. Then, you can observe carefully what happened to your followers.

6. Use Quality Photos

As social media that emphasizes visual appearance, then posting photos with premium quality is an obligation that is worth doing. This is indeed not easy, you have to practice often to be able to find the best angle of an object.

After that, you edit the photo using the best filter. Filters that are favored by many people are warm colored temperatures, high contrast and exposure. You have to apply this concept because photos that use filters have a 21 percent chance of being seen more often and 45 percent of them are given comments and likes.

7. Learn How to Write a Good Caption

Similar to hashtags, how we write caption is a key to how to attract the sympathy of others. One way to attract the attention of the audience through caption is to add points and distances so that people feel curious to see the complete caption.

Alternatively, you can include questions at the end of your caption so that people will be invited to fill in the comments column in response to your post. Keep in mind, guys, when writing a caption don’t typo, reread and check the spelling before pressing the post button.

8. Don’t Post Political and Rasis Content

You who put followers above everything, don’t ever do this. The reason, the average Instagram user does not like postings that smelled sara that will cause hatred among people of diverse, ethnic or racial.

So, do not ever try to make content like this. Not your follower who increased even the opposite can happen.

9. Follow, Like & Comment Similar Accounts

Have you ever found an Instagram account that looks like you? If the answer is yes, you don’t need to avoid it, on the contrary, you have to be a part of their followers. After following the account, give likes and comments for the three most recent photos they just posted.

Leaving likes and comments shows interest in these accounts and posts. If you do this to more than one account, you have a great opportunity to add followers.

That was a few ways that can help you to increase the number of followers on Instagram. These methods are very very economical because they do not spend any money, do not spend quota because they do not use certain applications and are safe, do not cause a commotion on social media.

Here are some tips or ways to easily add Instagram followers. If you apply the above methods diligently, diligently and slowly but surely the number of your followers will gradually increase. Good luck!