How to Edit iPhone Video – Best Editing Video for iPhone 6s Plus

How to Edit iPhone Video – Best Editing Video for iPhone 6s Plus

12 Aplication to Edit Video on iPhone Video – iPhone 6s Plus.

12 Best Video Editing Applications for iPhone and iPad

Did you know that video editing can be done easily, as easily as you turn your palm? Because, there are several iPhone video editing applications that allow you to do the video editing process professionally through Apple’s devices.

Some other video editing applications only allow you to edit photos with a slide show or are only able to add songs to the recorded video. This is certainly very boring and seem less creative.

Well, this time Caris Signal will provide a video editing application recommendation on the iPhone and iPad that allows you to add filters, make transitions, and share them directly to various social networks. Come, see the review of the best video editing application for the iPhone below. 10 Best iPhone and iPad Video Editing Applications

1. iMovie iPhone video editing application iMovie. iMovie is one of the most popular video editing applications among Apple users. This application can do some simple video editing tasks and apply several themes to different videos. With iMovie, you can make Hollywood-style trailers easily. There are 15 themes that you can choose to match the look of your video. Become a professional video editor by relying on iMovie. Please download the application here.

2. Magisto Magisto As the name implies, Magisto is indeed capable of juggling ordinary videos into extraordinary ones. With Magisto, edited videos and images will be more perfect because you can add various effects and other transitions. Magisto also provides a feature to share your editing results directly to various social media. Amazingly, Magisto has a built-in theme that makes it easy for you to make a film or trailer. Magisto is a fast and easy solution for video editing and film making.

3. LumaFX LumaFX Video editing application for iphone and ipad, you can use the LumaFX application. This application is able to dama video editing things like inserting color effects that are blurred, blurry, affix the pixel effect, also embed distortion effects as creators of other effects. Not only that, even LumaFX has a keyframing feature where users can edit and animate every effect on the video to be edited. Some supporting video files are also available at LumaFX such as 120 fps, 240 fps slo-mo, and video time lapse

4. Perfect Video Perfect Video As the name suggests, this application is very reliable for getting perfect video editing results. Perfect Video is a high quality application. Because this application can produce videos with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution in different formats. The slideshow maker feature in this application can create simple but still beautiful picture slides. Cutting or merging videos can be done in a few minutes. If you want to make image slides with the effect of fade in or fade out, this application can do it. Perfect Video can also be used to provide text for each of your videos.

5. Cute Cut Cute Cut Editing videos professionally can be done via iPhone or iPad. IPhone video editing application on this one has unique features in it so it is not surprising that Cute Cut gained many positive reviews from its users. This application supports videos with 16: 9 HD aspect ratio and 4: 3 SD video. There are gradient effects, 30 tools for drawing and 20 transitions and a number of other features in Cute Cut. Through the App Store or iTunes, you can download Cute Cut for free or free.

6. Clipper Clipper If you are an iPhone user who doesn’t really understand how to edit videos, Clipper is the right application for you. The reason is, this application is very easy to use and has a simple interface. Clipper will do all the tasks performed by a video editor. This application can be called the best instant video editing application. If you need a video editing application that is practical, easy-to-use and hassle-free, Clipper is the right choice for you.

7. Videoshop Videoshop Videoshop is one of the iPhone applications that we recommend for you. The reason is, this application has features that can be considered complete and good. Some of the features present in Videoshop are, where you can create narration by adding text to each video clip.

Not only that, Videoshop also presents a variety of interesting and aesthetic transition effects. Not to forget the theme features were inserted so that users can edit videos more interesting. In fact, you can directly save the results of the video into a cloud application such as DropBox. Want to try? You can get this Videoshop for free on the AppStore.

8. Splice Splice Edit HD photos and videos to make a movie, why not? Splice can do the job easily. There are various features of the standard video editing application in Splice that will make your videos look like they were made by a professional. You can add backsounds, sound effects, transitions, borders, motion effects, and audio trims to the video you are editing. Just like Video Editor Free, Splice can also be downloaded for free through the App Store.

9. Vimeo Vimeo Vimeo is one of the most popular video streaming sites today. If you frequently upload videos to the site, then this Vimeo application is a must for you. Yes, Vimeo provides a video editing application that makes it easy for you to do the video editing process before uploading it to Vimeo. That way, you can produce interesting videos before they are watched by millions of people. After the editing process is complete, immediately upload the results to your Vimeo. In addition to editing, in this application you can also watch, search for, or manage videos with your Vimeo account.

10. Pinnacle Studio Pro Pinnacle Studio One of the video editing applications offers a number of useful features, such as a media organizer, video editor, sound effects, and sharing features to social media. The interface of this application is also quite friendly so that Pinnacle Studio is very easy to use. Download Pinnacle Studio Pro now through iTunes or the App Store.

11. Screen Chomp Screen Chomp This simple application has a one-touch recording feature on the screen of your device. Just like other similar applications, Screen Chomp is a video editing application that is quite capable. Import files from the device and make settings can be done simultaneously. Your video editing results will be uploaded on the Screen Chomp official website and you will get a short link to share with everyone. Screen Chomp can be downloaded now through the App Store or iTunes.

12. Video Editor Free Video Editor FREE Free. That’s one word that describes this one video editing application. Ranked third in the photography category chart on the App Store, the main feature of this application is trimming, merging, and sharing to all types of social media, such as Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. This application is a solution for those of you who want to edit videos quickly without having to be complicated. You can add photos, music, and voiceovers to your videos through Video Editor Free. Unfortunately, at this time you can no longer find the Video Editor Free application on iTunes or the AppStore. Not everyone is proficient in editing an amateur video into an interesting video for everyone to watch. Well, the iPhone video editing application above will certainly help you who find it difficult to edit videos and images. Good luck!

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