How to Crop a Video in Premiere Pro & How to Cut it

To crop a video in adobe premiere pro cc 2017-

-Select the clip to be cropped from the timeline after it being imported into the software.

-Select crop effect from the effects & presets panel in the premiere pro.(could be seen adjacent to the project window)

-Drag and drop the effect onto the clip in the timeline.

-To the adjacent of the source monitor you could see a effects control panel,select the panel and there you could see the parameters of the crop effect.

-Tweak the top,bottom,right,left parameters so that you would be able to see the final changes on the program monitor.



NOTE- We can crop a video using mask tool under opacity parameter also.Just select the tool and make appropriate crop shape to the video in the program monitor.

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I achieved my main goal and what I set out to do. Today’s work has allowed me enough time to finish editing my short film and my unit 3 trailer and allowed me to make a start on my website either tomorrow or Friday. For next time I need to research more techniques on premiere pro and research some more comedy/family trailers to see what kind of music they use and what the voiceover says and how it sounds.

My main goal for today’s work is to make more progress on editing my short film and creating my storyboards. I also need to continue my unit 3 trailer editing. I will need to use adobe premiere pro, the internet and a storyboard drawing app and I will need to use my editing and drawing skills. I will need to research techniques for premiere pro, a full version of my film and storyboarding tips.

Research & Experimentation

I had to research how to crop a video in premiere pro as some shots had the boom mic in them so I used google to research how. This is the source I used: adobe in a minute . (2016). Premiere Pro CC – How to Crop Video Footage. Available: Last accessed 13/02/2019.

This research allowed me to crop out the parts of my video where you could see the boom mic elements, making it look more professional.

I also had to find the shining in full so I went to YouTube and downloaded a number of scenes that I thought I’d use in my trailer project. This allowed me to have footage to edit for my unit 3 project.


I couldn’t find a good storyboard drawing software online so I drew it by hand.

Firstly I began editing my short movie.

To begin this I reopened my saved project and completed the scene sequence