How to Connect Smartphone to TV LED or Smart TV

Not All Smartphones can connect to TV

Smartphones that have been using MHL Technology / Features are very appropriate to use this Tool.
Remember !!! There are Features MHL Micro USB 5 PIN ya .. Because Not all smartphones use MHL Features
Micro USB cable to HDMI Female Can Galaxy S II i9100, Galaxy i997, Samsung I997 Infuse 4G, HTC G14 Sensation, Galaxy Nexus I9250,
Samsung Galaxy S3, S5, Galaxy Note 2 / N7100, Note 10.1 P601, HTC Sensation G14, Galaxy Nexus i9250, HTC Flyer, 3D EVO, Galaxy R i9103, Galaxy i997, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.8 etc.

For Huawei Ascend, ASUS Zenfone and others can ga krn ga no features MHL Micro USB 5 PIN.
who does not have MHL Features like Zenfone 5 can not and also other brands
etc. Designed with the perfect precision and detail ensures you get high quality cables and do not disappoint you. The thing is, you can play with a wider screen, you can also watch live video via your TV connected via HDMI cable.

Do not accept returns with the reason of mistake in buying goods .. we only accept return cable, charger, and converter if the goods do not work ..Channat lha in buying ..Read title and contents of the description ..

NB: For the purchase of Case broken due to the delivery of returns on condition of plastic wrap and seal must not be opened in the open box can not be returned please check the goods first before the seal and plastic in bukakarena already provisions of the central supplier

NB: To claim the warranty / Return ongkir PP at the responsibility of the buyer .. please understand ..

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