How to be a Successful Blogger and Make Money

How to be a Successful Blogger and Make Money

To become a Successful Blogger and Make Money isn’t easy.

Too many difficulties and long life term work

To become a successful blogger is not as easy as turning your palm, it takes a very tiring struggle..

But for those who have a hobby of writing, everything can be overcome easily, usually people will see after it. Yes, after a blogger is successful.

Whereas behind the success of a blogger, it takes quite a long time and a pretty tiring struggle, for a successful blogger it is not an instant way to achieve success.

Well, here are some tips that can make us successful bloggers and be able to survive in the world of blogging, let’s see:

1. Show who you really are

Don’t be afraid to be recognized by many people. It is of no use if you write, post, or comment on quality but you are hiding your identity yourself.

Being anonymous can be a disadvantage for you, especially if you provide benefits for many people.

Show yourself, so that everyone knows that you are the one who provides many benefits through writing on your blog.

2. Focus is important

Focus on the content and topics you discuss.

Remember that blogging = sharing, the more and more useful the sharing you provide through your posts. Then you are one step further to achieve success.

3. Blogging with heart

Our blog will be read by tens, hundreds, even millions of visitors every day.

Therefore, treat them with content that you like.
If you don’t like what you are discussing yourself, it will be difficult for readers to like your blog content.

4. Be consistent to keep writing

Diligent is one of the keys to success in all areas of life, including blogging.

In the world of blogging, writing diligently is one of the things that determines the success of your blog in the future.

Fill in the blog that you create with articles that are updated consistently. By diligently writing on a blog, you can be loved by search engines as well as by millions of visitors in the world.

5. Diligently exchange links

Exchanging links (backlinks) with other blogs in this way is actually very profitable. because your blog can be known by your friends’ blog visitors, and vice versa.

6. Fill in comments on other blogs

By filling in comments on other blogs, you are tantamount to installing free promotions for your blog.

That way your blog will be better known and recognized more quickly and finally can boom easily. But don’t spam. Good comments are useful comments.

7. Have fun

Don’t make blogging a burden.

Blogs are fun to get your thoughts out.

If you think of the blog as a burden, over time our blog will run aground in the middle of the road and end up neglected for no good.

8. Ping after creating a new post

With ping, the latest information on our blog can be immediately recognized by search engines.

One of the ping services made by wordpress is ping-o-matic, for blogspot you can take advantage of webmastertools.

9. Use the feed Feed is used to subscribe to articles for free.

By utilizing the feed, your blog visitors will get the latest, updated articles, yours through their feed reader or email.

10. Choose an interesting post title.

An attractive title is a title that can make visitors feel curious and want to immediately read your full article.

Even by presenting an interesting article, it may not necessarily be attractive to readers or blog visitors, if you don’t give the article the right title.

11. Become a blog scientist

This does not mean you have to go to college or special school about blogs. But being a Confident scientist means don’t be afraid to experiment with blogs.

You can try installing plugins, new tools, or trying to modify your blog so that you are more familiar with the world of blogging.
Because there is a saying that experience is the best teacher …

learning by doing.

But if your blog is very busy,
You can experiment on the backup blog first.

to make sure your experiment is successful, then apply it on your main blog.

Thus the discussion about the secrets of successful bloggers, hopefully useful.

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