How to Backup Whatsapp iPhone to Google Dive

Actually backup Whatsapp Data from iPhone or iPad is to iCloud and

How to Backup Whatsapp Android to Google Drive

If there is a problem with full data storage both on Android or iPhone, you should move unnecessary data to a computer or other storage media such as flashdish, other external HDDs. Because not all files are needed and leave only the essentials on your smartphone device.

If to back up all data applications require a long time to back up, it is better to first select the application that seizes the most storage. And right now, that’s what WhatsApp is, because the media is not like Facebook, YouTube or other applications that store ‘cloud’ or Cloud all Photo and Video data. Another with Whatsapp that stores data on the device, when we open an image or video, it will automatically download and save it to the iPhone SmartPhone and Android. Sometimes most of them are Chat friends, who are sorry sometimes the image or video file is not very important. Therefore, it needs to be selected and mutated, removed and backed up in other media, so that our iPhone Smartphone devices have plenty of free space. So we start emptying from the WhatsApp application.

Here is how to backup photos, videos or other documents from Whatsapp iPhone or Android to Google Drive

For you iPhone users who have plans to migrate to an Android device, there is a fairly easy way to move all data. Just use the Google Drive application.

If Apple provides the Move to iOS application to make it easier for Android users to move their data to an iPhone, then Google uses the Drive application to do the opposite.

So is

The process of moving data is quite easy. You don’t need a cable connected to the computer, just do the following steps:

– Download the latest version of Google Drive on iOS and Android devices.

– First run Google Drive on iOS, enter the Gmail account used on Android devices.

– After entering the main screen, press the three-point icon on the top left, then press Settings.


Memindahkan Data di iOS ke Android Pakai Google DriveFoto: Internet

– There will be a number of options that appear, select Backup / Backup.

– Google Drive will automatically make backups of contacts, calendar, photos, videos and more. But we are given the option to choose which ones to backup.


Memindahkan Data di iOS ke Android Pakai Google DriveFoto: Internet

– When it’s finished, press Start Backup. Give full access to the permissions that will appear on the screen.

– After the backup is complete, open Google Drive on Android. Instantly the data will be synchronized to the cellphone.


Memindahkan Data di iOS ke Android Pakai Google DriveFoto: Internet

– It’s finished. How Easy Is It? May be useful. (zyd/yds)

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