Have Mercy on Creative People Ignore Health

The risk of being a creative person is sometimes endanger their own health. Because busy with work, deadlines anyway. No matter your circumstances and health.

This should not and should not happen. But what can make … it must be acknowledged by creative people like me. Yeah I’m creative? Is there a standard that measures a person is creative or not?

I think I’m creative enough. Maybe the level of creativity is different. Let it not matter, the important thing I’ve included creative people is enough taste.

By the way the creative person has many services to the world. Creative people build anything for human use.

Thank the creative people around you. Even the person closest to you, whom you should love and respect, is not hated much less than cursed.

Otherwise you will lose them and you will realize just how much you need such creative people in your life and your family.

Just be grateful and grateful, may you appreciate …

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