How to increase traffict

How to Get More Traffict to Blog or Website

How to Get More Traffict to Blog or Website

Finding visitors / audience is important for a blogger. Because visitors affect pagerank and even the income of the blogger himself.

Maybe for some bloggers, finding visitors is a difficult thing. Because you have to know what SEO is, marketing techniques, promotion on social media, and so on.

Honestly, I was like that, at the beginning of starting a blog it was really hard to find visitors.

However, when you already have enough articles, getting visitors is easy and simple, even visitors can come without being invited XD.

In this article I will discuss directly how to increase visitors / audiences easily.

1. Diligently Write Articles/Posts

Be diligent in writing quality articles

While this may sound easy, it is in reality very difficult for some bloggers to do.

The challenge is because it may be difficult to think of ideas/topics in the article, make titles, compose sentences, find the right image and others that make the soul a little lazy to do it.

However, if you already have about 100 articles or more, getting visitors will be very easy. Visitors will keep on arriving even if you don’t have a promotion.

How come? Because each article has its own keywords and descriptions. Therefore, the opportunity to be at the top pagerank will be quite easy if the blog already has quite a lot of articles.

2. Doing keyword research and writing articles according to targeted keywords

Doing keyword research

The purpose of doing this keyword research is so that bloggers can write articles with the right keywords.

There are many keyword tools that we can use, one of the most frequently used is Google Keyword Planner.

You can use this tool to find out which search keywords your visitors frequently use within a certain period of time. Even Google Keyword Planner is also able to display popular search keywords at the time you want.

Doing keyword research is very easy, because we only need to use the keyword tool to find out which search keywords are used the most to search.

After finding the right keywords, it’s time for you to do SEO optimization. For those who don’t know what SEO is, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an activity carried out to improve the quality of blogs on Search Engines.

Some things you need to pay attention to when doing SEO optimization are:

Title: create an interesting article title and contain the target keyword.
Description: create an interesting description and also contain your target keywords. Keep in mind, however, that a catchy description will increase the Click Trough Rate.
Keyword Tag: you can also use this feature to increase the order of your website in the SERP.
Headings: search engines and audiences really like Headings that are precise and easy to read. You can add your target keywords here too.
URL structure: don’t use spaces, underscores, or other characters. Because this causes the link / URL of your website to look less tidy. Use a dash or dash (-) to replace spaces.
Alt Text on Images: alternative text is very useful also for SEO optimization. You should also use keywords in this alt text.
Articles/Content: only make articles/content that are interesting, unique, fresh, and useful to read. So that visitors do not feel bored reading it.
Website Speed: this is very important. Because visitors don’t want to visit a slow website, because it will only waste time loading. The faster your website is, the better your website will be in the eyes of search engines and visitors.

The above techniques are some examples of On-Page SEO. For Off-Page SEO will be explained in the next article.

3. Use Interesting Images in Every Article

Use attractive images in each article

Adding at least 1 image in each article is quite useful for the website. Sometimes visitors see pictures more often than writing, so visitors will be interested in reading your article more quickly.

The image used also cannot be arbitrary. Images must have a relationship with the keywords and content of the article written.

Articles that have images also make the content look more colorful and complete. So that the audience does not get bored and have difficulty reading the articles you write.

5. Sharing Articles to Social Media

Share articles on social media

This is the easiest thing to do, you only need the intention and energy to do it.

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Don’t make your social media just a place to share stories. You can also use it to make it a money field.

When someone re-shares your article, that is a sign that your writing has succeeded in attracting the attention of the audience / visitors.

Those are some easy ways to increase visitors. The conclusion is, use the internet as a thing that is useful for yourself, and for others.

Come on, let’s share stories and knowledge.

Hope this article helps, and thank you for visit ^ _ ^