Find My Device 4 Ways to Trace Lost Android Cellphones Through the Internet, Can Be Used in a Dead State

Find My Device 4 Ways to Trace Lost Android Cellphones Through the Internet, Can Be Used in a Dead State

Humans are not free from mistakes. Similarly, careless and careless attitude. Some people must have experienced the loss of goods due to their own carelessness who forgot to put it or was lost because it was stolen and taken.

You who have experienced item loss will definitely look for the item. Especially if the item is a gadget or cellphone. Losing a cellphone sometimes makes you sad and worried because a lot of important data resides on your cellphone.

But did you know that there is actually a way to track your lost cellphone? As an Android user, this article will tell you how to track lost Android phones via the internet.

There are several ways to track lost Android phones via the internet that you can try. Reporting from from various sources, Sunday (2/24/2019) looking for a lost android phone can be done via the internet.


E-Mail Tracking

One way to track lost android cellphones via the internet that you can try is through an email address. If your cellphone is a smartphone phone, then it is possible that there is an email installed on that cellphone. From this email you can track lost cellphones.

Actually Google has created the Android Operating System and requires cell phone users with the Android Operating system to enter the email it uses on the Google Play Store. This method can be used on Android phones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.

How to track a lost Android phone via the internet you can try with the following steps:

1. Type the name of the email that was on your cellphone that was lost on the gmail page, then click Next

2. Type the password, then click Next

3. After successfully entering the email address that you type, select the web version of Gmail

4. Select the icon with point Nine on the right top side

5. Then log in to the Google Account (Google Account) then scroll down

6. Select the Start option on the words ‘Find Your Phone’

7. Then select your lost cellphone as your handphone name appears

8. Enter the email password again on the lost cellphone

9. Then select the Find option

10. Then a google map will appear, then click Close

11. Select the type of cell phone that you are tracking and then select the Refresh icon so that the position of your lost cell phone is updated and read by Google Maps

12. Your lost cellphone will be read on the screen.

13. Done.

Try you as soon as possible to get to the location listed on google maps because this tracking will consume a little of your battery power.

Track Lost Cells Using Google Maps

Google Maps is a web mapping application developed by Google. In the Google Maps application has many services such as highway maps, road conditions, traffic conditions, panoramas, travel routes and so on.

In addition, Google Maps also has features including My Location, Driving Directions, Business Listings, Transit & Walking Directions, Information Traffic, Street View and Latitude. From these features you can use as a way to track the lost Android phone via the internet Google Maps. The steps are as follows:

1. Open the Google Maps application

2. Select the Settings menu, then Share Location and Start in the upper left corner

3. You can choose the tracking time. Select ‘for 1 hour’ or ‘until it is deactivated’ so you can keep track of it

4. Then click Select Person then fill in the email address and cellphone number you want to track

5. Click Share then press Activate

6. The location of your lost cellphone will be visible and leaked for 24 hours through this method

7. Done.


Track lost cellphones Use Google ADM

ADM or Android Device Manager is a free application provided by Google that functions to detect the presence of a lost cellphone by activating GPS on the destination cellphone. How to track lost Android phones via the internet, you can try using this Google ADM.

Try the cellphone that you are tracking using the Android operating system. The steps are as follows;

1. You can use another gadget or your laptop to log in to ADM by logging in to your Google password

2. After typing the gmail id and password, click Accept

3. You will see the name of the smartphone connected to the email address you typed earlier on the screen

4. You can record the address where your cellphone is located. If ADM does not appear there is a possibility if the lost ahp is dead.

5. Done.


Tracing a lost cellphone in a state of death

How to track the lost Android cellphone via the internet above is if the cellphone is on. Then what if the lost cellphone is off? Here are the steps you can follow.

1. Enter the Google Mpas application then select Line Three on the upper left side

2. Select the small triangle option in the right corner

3. Click Add Account

4. Type the e-mail address that is on your lost cellphone then click Next

5. Enter the password

6. Click I Agree

7. Select the small Triangle option in the upper right

8. Click your Timeline

9. Then click OK

10. Then the maps screen will show the position and location of your lost cellphone

11. Done.

Now, that was a few ways to track lost android cellphones via the internet. The above method is easy for you to follow.

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