How to Edit Instagram Post on Desktop

How to Edit Instagram Post on Desktop

Moms are definitely familiar with one of Instagram’s most-loved features, namely Story.

Yes, Instagram Stories are an effective way to provoke interaction with followers, share interesting content with each other, to show your own style or branding.

In a day, Moms probably also spend more time watching Instagram Stories than scrolling through the feed, right? This shows that currently Instagram Story content is in great demand.

Reporting from Social Media Week, Instagram users prefer photos that are simple and straight to the point than busy photos.

Fortunately, there are also many photo editing applications that can make your Instagram Story Moms look more beautiful and fun.

Moms can use these apps to create unique, distinctive, and lively Stories.

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Photo Editing App for Instagram Story

Curious what photo editing applications are recommended for Instagram Stories? Come on, see the list below.

1. Unfold

photo editing application instagram story – unfold.jpg

This photo editing application for Instagram Story Moms can download both from Android and iOS phones.

Unfold offers a selection of templates, fonts, and photo effects that are very easy to customize to your liking.

Unfold can also be used to edit videos that you want to upload to Instagram Stories, you know! That’s why this application is fairly complete and easy to use.

The advantages of Unfold include that Moms can choose dozens of templates with modern designs for free, the application can be used to edit photos and videos, and its use is quite easy.

2. InShot

photo editing application instagram story – inshot.jpg

Like Unfold, the InShot photo and video editing application can also be downloaded by Android and iOS based gadget users. InShot is even classified as one of the best and best-selling applications for both operating systems.

This is because InShot provides more complete photo and video editing options. Moms can find features such as improving the quality of photos, adding filters, to adjusting the appearance of the video so that the size is right and pleasing to the eye for Instagram Stories.

This photo editing application also offers a music enhancer feature for videos and photos, you know! Moms can create stories that are more fun and creative.

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3. Canva

photo editing application instagram story – canva.jpg

Canva is a photo editing application that can be downloaded from Android and iOS based gadgets.

Luckily again, Canva can also be used via a computer or laptop, you know! So this application is suitable for Moms who want to edit photos in more detail.

Canva offers tons of templates, fonts, backgrounds, stickers, icons, and even images that are set with the Instagram Story size and field.

You can also save templates that you have made before. So Moms can have a uniform and distinctive type of Story to remember. This is of course very beneficial if Moms really want to create strong branding.

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4. Hype-Type

photo editing application instagram story – hype type.png

Moms often upload photos with quotes or text? If so, Hype-Type is one of the photo editing applications that you must master.

This application offers a variety of attractive fonts and styles for editing photos and videos with text.

In fact, several types of fonts in this application can also move like animation. Don’t worry Moms, this application can be downloaded for Android and iOS based gadget users.

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5. Over

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 22.14.01.png

For Moms who like to make photo collages or posters, Over can be one of the mandatory photo editing applications that Moms have.

This application, which is available for Android and iOS users, does have the advantage of being able to create Instagram Story templates for an unlimited number of photo collages. Over can also be used to create event posters or Instagram Story ads, you know.

So what are you waiting for, Moms? Come on, start editing with these various applications and bring Story Moms to life!