Cigarette Kills You the Movie

Movie: Cigarette Kills You.

An anti-cigarette gets a cigarette but he does not reject it.

But then he does not sell it for money. In his hands will be accounted for the cigarette was carried. In the hereafter he will be asked about the cigarette. for fear he did not give the cigarette to anyone else. Let’s not sell, give away any he does not want to.

What the hell happened, he told his son to throw the cigarette into the waste bin.

I’ve tried to get rid of this cigarette oh God, do not you reckon me let alone you torture me because of this cigarette. If only someone knew what he knew about this cigarette, they would leave the cigarette and throw it away like him.

But I do not know, he said this cigarette kills, but why people are willing to “pay for something that will kill him?” What’s in this cigarette, when he’s just smoke sucked, what’s the good thing he said.

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