How to Choose Best Niche for Blog Adsense

How to Choose Best Niche for Blog Adsense

Do you want to create a blog but are confused about what blog niche suits you? You are lucky because you have found this article, Lensabanua will share how to choose or determine a blog niche that is right for you.

To choose a blog theme or niche, you must first determine your goal in creating a blog. Do you blog for the purpose of sharing or just for your hobby? Or to make money from blogs?

If you blog to share or as a hobby that you like, you don’t need to be confused about choosing a blog niche. Just choose a niche that you like whatever it is. By choosing a blog niche that suits your hobbies or things you like, you will not run out of ideas about what you will write about later.

Many successful bloggers start from just sharing what they like, but in the end they actually earn money from it. If that happened to you, it would be fun right?

It’s different if your goal is to get income from a blog. Various strategies and analysis are needed before you even determine the niche blog that you will create.
There are various ways to generate income through a blog. One of them is becoming an adsense publisher.

On this occasion Lensabanua will share how to choose a good or suitable blog niche for adsense.

How to choose a suitable blog niche for adsense

Get to know the advertiser’s market

In the adsense program there are currently 22 ad categories with a number of different sub-categories. The following is a list of categories and the number of each sub-category:

Health, 65 sub-categories
Finance, 52 sub-categories
Hobbies, games & fun, 49 sub-categories
Home and garden, 27 sub-categories
Food and grocery store, 27 sub-categories
Computers & electronics, 26 sub-categories
Family & community, 26 sub-categories
Sports & fitness, 24 sub-categories
Business & industry, 24 sub-categories
Arts & entertainment, 23 sub-categories
Travel & tourism, 23 sub-categories
Clothing, 18 sub-categories
Internet & telecom, 18 sub-categories
Beauty & personal care, 17 sub-categories
Cars & vehicles, 16 sub-categories
Work & education, 11 sub-categories
News, books & publications, 11 sub-categories
Events & prizes, 10 sub-categories
Mobile application utilities, 9 sub-categories
Dining & nightlife, 7 sub-categories
Law & government, 7 sub-categories
Real estate, 6 sub-categories

It should be noted that the number of sub-categories does not represent the number of advertisements available. The more sub-categories, the wider the ad coverage will be and that can result in ads not being targeted perfectly. To overcome this problem, the blog niche can be narrowed down to its sub-categories only.

So how? Now, of course, you have an idea of ​​what theme is right for you.
Now we look at it from a different perspective. That is,

Get to know your target audience

It is undeniable, the biggest income of adsense publishers is obtained from the type of advertisement that pays for each click (pay per click). For that, target visitors who have the potential for good ad clicks and have a broad market.

We illustrate like this.

If you want to target school-age visitors then choose the education or games category. If you want to target your visitors are mothers, then the choice of a niche blog with the cooking category may be more appropriate. The point is like that, the greater the reach of the visitors the better. Because the more visitors there are, the more potential income will be.

Visitors who don’t really care or don’t care about blog ads will have more potential to click on ads compared to the same visitor who is looking for income through blogs.
Visitors who are familiar with advertising will be more interested in clicking on the ad that suits their needs. So it is very important to create well targeted blogs.

From the description above, we can conclude that the best niche for adsense and good for you is a blog niche that fits the adsense ad category, according to your hobby or expertise, and has well-targeted target users.

That’s how to choose a blog niche that we can share. If you have other ways or have additional opinions, please tell them in the comments form provided. We will gladly accept it. May be useful.