Video Shooting

The Best Sequence Preset Setting for DVD in Adobe Premiere Pro or CC

4 October 2017

Until today, DVD is the most usual use for editing and burning Disc. Although the latest format is 4K, 8K and Blue Ray Disc for the finalized output. But DVD is still use in almost used in a several country, still use DVD even VCD. The problem is if we use preset sequence setting in […]

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Know What’s Bitrat And Its Influence on Video Quality And Burning Results

29 August 2017

If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro and export to H.264, at the bottom there is Bitrate Settings. In other editing software (and also in software converter) usually there is setting of this. This setting is almost never touched. Usually we just let it go. But, does it matter if we change the value? Yes, […]

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Tips for Video Shooting Video Clips for Best Result

27 August 2017

Music is the best way to show the soul and life. Every video production house have their own style. But not everyone got a better one. To shoot video clips in a best way, there are a several thing to do. Have a best Concept Watch the Others Video Clips Shoot Video From uncomment and […]

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