Optimization of Facebook fanspage and Instagram for Google

15 April 2019

Long before the internet boomed, businesses first existed. Business has various variants and sizes. Real business is not always large scale. Since long ago, businesses with small sizes still existed. Students who open a cafe business, people who sell used books, or housewives who open a grocery store. We have recognized all forms of business […]

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The Definition The Meaning What is a Spoiler?

25 April 2018

Definition of Meaning or Understanding what is Spiler. Anyone for those who spread Spolier will be hated by those who receive spoilers you know? Of course, because when you receive a spoiler, then the sensation when you want to watch anime or manga will reduce the sensation when you watch it yourself, while a friend […]

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How to Connect Smartphone to TV LED or Smart TV

30 August 2017

Not All Smartphones can connect to TV Smartphones that have been using MHL Technology / Features are very appropriate to use this Tool. Remember !!! There are Features MHL Micro USB 5 PIN ya .. Because Not all smartphones use MHL Features Micro USB cable to HDMI Female Can Galaxy S II i9100, Galaxy i997, […]

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What Going on Facebook Today

27 August 2017

What Going on Facebook Today Several days ago my Account is Locked. Is someone hacked my Account? Facebook, conforming me to Upload my photo, than I upload it. But I never ever can log in after that anymore.

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Bisnis Penipuan Definisi, Contoh dan Tindakan Terhadap Aduan Penipuan

25 August 2017

Ini Crita kegagalan dan kekecewaan Jangan hiraukan dan pedulikan, tapi ambil pelajaran … Niat bantu usaha teman kita bantu promosiin usahanya. Ambil komisi sdkit sekedar pengganti pulsa. Ceritanya ada pesanan kali ini kliennya OJK. Tanya barang ATK ada? Katanya barang ada 4. Ok, sy bilang ke pemesan barang ready mereka cuma pesan 1, dan bisa […]

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