Blue Ray Player or DVD for Movie and Wedding Video?

Blue ray ..

I Don’t know when its birth, but this kind (Blue Ray) unit I buy and use in 2013.

So far only used for wedding only, klo even rata2 DVD + HD files.

1920×1080 resolution, for high quality can only duration 130 minutes but can be forced smpe 2.5 hours, of course reduce the quality / bitrate.

For data capacity up to 25Giga.

Early Bluray discs are quite expensive around 50-60rb / keping, since 1-2 years yesterday the price of about 20rb / chip lasted until now.

As far as I know there are 2 brands that produce Bluray writer namely Asus and LG. The time price is 1,250,000 in 2013. Now anyone knows?

The bluray encoding format is Mts similar to AVCHD.

Blue Ray Player or DVD for Movie and Wedding Video?

Need a special player to play Bluray? Of course !!
Not expensive just a million in electronic stores.

Diluaran already many outstanding pirated movies with bluray format, so actually already quite a lot of users.

Oh yes Nero also can loh burn Bluray with regular DVD 4.5G and DVD writer. Look for Nero AVCHD option, but can only duration 15-20 minutes, rather short bluray format.

How are you ready with Bluray ??? ??

Hail HD

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