Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Beginners without Watermark

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Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Beginners without Watermark

Video Editing Applications for Beginners on a Laptop PC or Computer are:

Recently, the aspiration to become a YouTuber aka content creator on the YouTube platform is being loved by the younger generation.

In addition to venting creativity, you can also generate income coffers on YouTube as long as you know the right way, gang.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money right away, you can do it with simple tools to become a beginner YouTuber!

Enough with a makeshift smartphone camera, strong determination, and of course the best YouTuber video editing application recommended by ApkVenue, gang!

Recommended YouTuber Video Editing Applications on Android and Laptops (Update 2020)

You can use the video editing application for YouTube below on both PC and laptop platforms, to Android phones, which are currently capable of handling this job.

Especially for those of you who like to make travel videos or vlogs, almost all of the video editor applications below have their respective advantages that you can maximize, you know.

Intrigued by what are the application recommendations? Come on, just take a look at the full review below, gang.
YouTuber Video Editing Application on Android

If you don’t want the hassle of moving your recorded video from your cellphone to a PC, you can find ways to edit YouTube videos using a video editing application on Android.

Here are the best recommendations from Jaka:

1. KineMaster

First, ApkVenue will discuss the recommendation of a YouTuber video editing application on Android called KineMaster.

During using KineMaster, ApkVenue felt the experience that this application was like changing PC video editing software with practicality like the HP application.

Here you will be brought to an interface in the form of a timeline with more than one layer which makes the editing process easier.

Unfortunately, KineMaster leaves a watermark when rendering. To get rid of it, you have to buy the premium version!

2. PowerDirector

Apart from KineMaster, an application called PowerDirector is one of the mainstay vlog video editing applications on Android because of its convenience and features.

Besides being able to edit videos in landscape format for YouTube, you can also edit videos in portrait format for example for Instagram Stories or IGTV.

PowerDirector also offers many templates that you can use directly and for free. This application also has a watermark that you can remove via the premium version.

3. FilmoraGo (Edit YouTube Videos Directly on HP)

The next video editing application for YouTubers is FilmoraGo, which is not only available for free on Android, but also a PC version available.

You only need to record video using your Android cellphone camera and import it into the application.

FilmoraGo has features that make you don’t have to bother editing manually. Just select the video clip you want to insert, FilmoraGo will combine it for you.

Here you can also choose filters and themes from the templates that have been provided. For you beginner YouTubers and starting with a smartphone, FilmoraGo is enough to recommend.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

Not only does Filmora have an Android version, Adobe Premiere also has a mobile version that has a simple feature called Adobe Premiere Clip.

As the name implies, Adobe Premiere Clip will combine video clips that you record using a cellphone camera and edit them automatically in the application.

This Android YouTube video editing application also provides options to make edits manually with the various tools, effects, and music provided.

5. Quik

Meanwhile, for those of you who use the GoPro cam action, there is a vlog video editing application on Android called Quik, which is provided directly by the developer.

Quik allows you to connect smartphones and action cams, where you can add up to 50 photos and videos to be edited automatically.

Not only can you post it on social media, you can also publish the videos produced through Quik on YouTube to share your adventure experiences, gang.

6. Magisto

Meanwhile, for those of you who don’t have much time to edit videos, an application called Magisto is suitable for you to try first.

Magisto has a feature called Smart Video Editor, where you simply select the video style, select the photos and videos you want to edit, and select background music to edit automatically.

How come? The problem is the video editing application for YouTube on Android uses sophisticated AI in analyzing the video and selecting the most interesting part which will then be edited.

PC & Laptop YouTuber Video Editing Application

Although practical, the features available in the Android application are certainly not as complete as the video editing application for the laptop and PC versions of YouTube.

Here are the best recommendations from Jaka:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro (Best Video Editing Application for YouTubers)

Youtuber Premiere Pro B5d1d Video Editing Application
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The name Adobe Premiere Pro may be familiar and familiar to your ears, right? Premiere Pro is intended for professionals with the various features available in it.

For beginner YouTubers, maybe at first you will be confused by the many tools available in it.

But in the original, Adobe Premiere Pro has complete features with additional plugins in it, such as adding transition effects, filters, grading, and more.

So to use the YouTuber video editing application on this laptop, ApkVenue recommends learning often through tutorials that are widely spread on YouTube, gang.

2. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express provides more than 180 interesting special effects to use. Moreover, the YouTuber PC video editing application that you can download for free.

Some of the features available in HitFilm Express include filters for audio and video, compositing tools, layers, masking, and support for 3D video.

For those of you beginners who don’t understand how to use it, HitFilm also provides a video tutorial that can be a guide while operating it.

On the rise in 2020, DaVinci Resolve is a vlog video editing application on a free laptop that has features similar to Adobe Premiere Pro to Final Cut Pro, you know.

DaVinci Resolve is equipped with various features that are suitable for professional editors to beginners who are just starting YouTube, but don’t have more budget for app subscriptions.

DaVinci Resolve’s features ranging from motion graphics, multicam editing, color correction, and audio mixing are quite helpful in the video editing process.

If you are curious to try the features it offers, just download the YouTuber video editing application on a free laptop via the link below.

4. iMovie (Application to Edit YouTube Videos on MacBook)

Then what about for those of you who use a Mac or MacBook? No need to worry, you can rely on an application to edit YouTube videos called iMovie.

iMovie is similar to Windows Movie Maker, where it is available directly if you use the MacOS operating system, aka a MacBook or iMac laptop, gang.

iMovie has standard features to turn your photos and video clips into professional film-like looks. The interface offered is also quite simple, making it easy for beginners to use.

5. Movavi Video Editor

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The next YouTube video editing application is Movavi Video Editor which is integrated directly with YouTube. This makes uploading videos much more practical.

In addition, the features offered by Movavi are also quite complete, you know. Such as green screens, stickers, audio and text effects, and animations.

If you want to live stream the game by recording the screen, you can upgrade to the Movavi suite version, which is of course paid but has excellent features.

6. Wondershare Filmora9

Previously, ApkVenue had recommended the YouTuber FilmoraGo video editing application for Android. It turns out that this application has a desktop version, you know.

Yup, an application called Wondershare Filmora9 is freeware that you can use for free. Its features are considered complete, you know, for the size of the free PC YouTuber video editing application.

For those of you who are still beginners, you don’t need to worry about confusion because Filmora9 has an Easy Mode option which makes editing tools simpler and easier to understand.

The final word

Well, that’s a glimpse of the recommendations for YouTuber video editing applications that are suitable for use by beginners, both on Android phones, PCs, and laptops.

There is also a download link for a video editor application for YouTube that you can try to download and install.

Building a channel to become a top YouTuber is certainly not easy. It takes hard work and consistency for sure. Good luck and keep the spirit, gang!