Best SmartPhone 2020 Buyers Guide by Minda Creative

Best Smartphone 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Could you live without Best Smartphone 2018your smartphone today? Well maybe you could, but why would you?!! With this Best Smartphone 2020 list, we’ve compiled reviews of the top smartphones of 2020 and other upcoming cell phones devices.

“Smartphones have become ingrained into society as one of the top technological conveniences of our time.”

But which smartphone should you choose to be that critical piece of equipment that connects you to the outside world? We’ve created this smartphone comparison list of the Best Smartphones of 2020 by combining online research and testing different upcoming mobile devices. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 Best Smartphones 2020.

Best Smartphone 2020

Phone Name Display Size Battery Life Storage Capacity
Apple iPhone X 5.8 inches 8-16 hours 128-256 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Samsung Galaxy S8 5.8 inches 8-24 hours 128 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Apple iPhone 8 5.5 inches 8-16 hours 64-256 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Google Pixel 2 5 inches 8-24 hours 64-128 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Google Pixel Phone 5 inches 8-24 hours 128 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inches 21 Hours 32-256 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Samsung Galaxy S7 5.1 inches 13 Hours 32 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Apple iPhone 7 4.7 inches 14 Hours 32-256 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Oneplus 3T 5.5 inches 20 Hours 32-128 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5.5 inches 20 Hours 32 GB Best Smartphone 2018
HP Elite x3 5.9 inches 24+ hours 64 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 5.7 inches 14 Hours 32 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Apple iPhone SE 4.0 inches 15 Hours 16-64 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Moto X Pure Edition 5.7 inches 10-20 Hours 64 GB Best Smartphone 2018
Mobile Phone Comparison Chart: Smartphone battery life is dependent on severity of usage. Heavy use will drain the battery more quickly than if the smartphone was in standby mode. The battery life hours listed above will vary by phone, user, apps, and other factors.
Table of Contents
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best-smartphone-2018 Samsung Galaxy S8
best-smartphone-2018 Google Pixel Phone
best-smartphone-2018 Android vs. iOS Comparison
best-smartphone-2018 Best Android Smartphone
best-smartphone-2018 Best Budget Smartphone
best-smartphone-2018 Best Cheap Smartphone
best-smartphone-2018 Best Smartphone Camera
best-smartphone-2018 How Much Smartphone Memory is Enough?
best-smartphone-2018 Google Play vs Apple App Store, which is better?

1. Apple iPhone X– Best Smartphone 2020

Just released and the best-smartphone-2018-xflagship of the Apple lineup, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are looking to provide a revolutionary smartphone experience for its 10 year anniversary. Building on the slim outer case design and seamless edges, it looks up to the task. Some say it’s the best smartphone ever, but what really sets it apart from the other Best Smartphones of 2020? Lets take a look!

New Additions

Face ID Recognition Unlocking
HDR Display with 1 million to 1 contrast
5.8-inch OLED Screen
All-screen display design (display extends to the edges)
A11 Bionic Processor with new Apple GPU

iPhone X Display

The iPhone X display comes with OLED display, the first for any iPhone device. At 5.8 inches, its screen size is comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its infinity display. It boasts improved contrast, True Tone display technology, HDR quality, and higher resolution and contrast to previous iPhone models.

The All-screen display design maximizes the available display to produce seamless video with the edges of the iPhone X. The entire display is now utilized, leaving no dead spots or unused space. This has allowed Apple to keep the overall dimensions of the iPhone X smaller and comparable to other smartphones which makes it easier to hold in one hand and fit in your pocket.

iPhone X Features

Since the screen is literallyBest-Smartphone-2018 at the edges of the entire phone, gone is the trusted home button and touch ID. Users of the iPhone X now can either wake the phone up by picking it up, or by one touch of the display. Unlocking the iPhone X is done with biometric Face ID which uses IR scanning capabilities to map your facial features and only unlock when it senses the user. Face ID can’t be spoofed by photos and there’s only a 1:1,000,000 chance someone other than you can unlock your phone. The chance was 1:50,000 with touch ID, so it’s a step up.

iPhone X Specs

As expected, almost every benchmark performance standard has been increased exponentially with the iPhone X. This is due in large part to the new A11 Bionic processor which has 4 high performance cores. Each of which can be activated by an internal controller if the need arises to save battery usage when not in use. Just to put it in perspective, the new A11 chipset found in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 shows an 80% multi-core increase over the A10 chipset found in the iPhone 7. And if that doesn’t drive the point home, it’s also faster than the Intel Core i5 processor found in the baseline Macbook Pro. Apple is also including their very own graphics processor in the iPhone X that is leaps and bounds ahead of previous models.

Overall, this is one great looking phone with the newest technology that’s available on the cell phone market. Apple has redesigned the display for seamless edges and reduction of useless space. The A11 chipset and new Apple GPU are the fastest hardware currently available in a smartphone. It blows away the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 in benchmark tests. For Apple fans, and those that want the best phones coming out in 2020, the Apple iPhone X is it!

✔ Pros: A11 Bionic Processor, Seamless Screen with Reduced Bezel, Face ID, Works well with Verizon and AT&T, Best Smartphone 2020

∅ Cons: The Price is High, but to be expected for the best and latest phone on the market

**To see the Apple iPhone X at, Click here!**

2. Samsung Galaxy S8– Best Android Smartphone 2020

The Samsung GalaxyBest Smartphone 2018 S8 is finally here, and expectations are everything that it was hyped up to be. It blows the Galaxy S7 away in speed comparison tests, and most other mobile devices as well. Let’s take a look at why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the Best Smartphones of 2020 and the future of mobile devices.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Display

Samsung has gone a step further by introducing what it calls the infinity display for the Galaxy S8. While a curved edge display is nothing new, the infinity design is reengineered to hide even more of the bezel giving a seamless look that just can’t be matched with any other device, including the Galaxy S7. HD videos and movies will extend past the curved edges maximizing the viewing area to unprecedented levels.

Available in the S8 and S8+, Samsung has developed a device which maximizes the screen space available for an incredible end to end viewing experience that spills over the edges. Nothing is interrupted with the screen flowing directing into the aluminum body of the phone. It really has to be experienced firsthand to grasp the awesomeness of the Samsung Galaxy S8 display.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

The Galaxy S8 offers a 12 mega-pixel camera which is similar to the Galaxy S7; however, it features an increased 8 mega-pixel front camera that enhances Apps like Facetime and others. Samsung aimed to redesign the camera for the Galaxy S8 to work better under all conditions, especially low light, and they did not disappoint.

Samsung managed to accomplish this task by installing a bright F1.7 lens and large 1.4µm pixels to capture as much light as possible during low light conditions. The results are nighttime photos that are crisp and clear, without washout or glare. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now the best smartphone camera for all light conditions. It’s 4K video capturing sensors are just as capable and while not mandatory these days, will surely be in the future as 4K gains popularity.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features the new Exynos 9 Series 8895 processor that is one of the fastest and most energy efficient chips available. The Exynos 8895, built on a cutting-edge 10nm FinFET process, features a 2nd generation custom CPU core and an advanced GPU for exceptional performance with low power consumption for extended battery life.

But Samsung did not stop there; they incorporated a 1Gbps LTE-Advanced modem that provides faster connection speeds to the phone itself. Watching movies and streaming video just got a whole lot faster and more efficient.

Just for comparison, the Galaxy S8 has a 27% higher performance rating than the Galaxy S7, all while doing it with 40% less battery consumption. Obviously the Samsung Galaxy S8 is combining all the latest technology and innovation into one package that cannot be matched among other top mobile devices, with the exception of the iPhone X.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is everything you would hope for from one of the newest mobile devices. It harnesses all of the latest technology into a slim and efficient design that makes the most out of every element. Battery consumption is reduced by 40% over it’s predecessor, and screen size is unmatched in its class due to the rounded edges and reduces bevel appearance. For one of the coolest and fastest cell phones you can get right now, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

✔ Pros: Fast Processor, Seamless Screen with Reduced Bezel, Efficient Battery, Best Android Smartphone 2020

∅ Cons: Not as fast as the iPhone X or iPhone 8

**To see the Samsung Galaxy S8 at, Click here!**

3. Google Pixel 2 Phone

The Google Pixel Phone is one of the latest and greatest gadgetsBest Smartphone 2018 to hit the smartphone market. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, this smartphone boasts a 10% increase in performance over it’s predecessor the 820. The 64Bit Quad-Core is channeled in both 2.15Ghz and 1.6Ghz, making this Best Smartphone 2020 lightning fast.

Running the Android OS with v7.1 (Nougat), the Google Pixel smartphone is one of the fastest smartphones available. Expanding on the Marshmallow 6.1 OS, Nougat offers a new data saving mode that restricts background app data usage and works to limit bandwidth if selected.
Gorilla Glass

Making the list of Best Smartphone 2020, the Google Pixel Phone is designed with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for improved fall protection. Something most would expect on a smartphone at this price point. It’s not the latest Gorilla Glass 5, but it should serve it’s intended purpose just fine.
In lab tests, Gorilla Glass 4 withstood such drops up to 2X better than competitive glass designs. And our drop tests are the toughest in the industry, conducted on rough surfaces that best approximate the real world of jagged streets, sidewalks and parking lots. So when your whole life is on your smartphone, help protect it with Gorilla Glass 4.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time that all high end smartphones come with advanced outer case protection from the factory as well. One can hope, right?

Video – Gorilla Glass Being Put to the Test
Camera Quality

The Google Pixel smartphone sports a dual camera system (front and back) at 8 mega pixels and 12.3 mega pixels, respectively. Picture quality comparisons between the Google Pixel Smartphone and the iPhone 7 smartphone are relatively close. The Pixels’ wider lens makes shots appear further away than the iPhone 7, and the colors are both brighter and sharper. Low light conditions also favor the Google Pixel smartphone.

The Google Pixel smartphone does not have as many of the photo interface options that the iPhone 7 or Samsung S7 possess, but it’s more than capable.
Google Pixel Imprint

One new feature the Google Pixel smartphone introduces is the rear finger print sensor/reader called Pixel Best Smartphone 2018 Imprint. It allows for a fingerprint to unlock your phone, authorize purchases, and even unlock specific apps. This great one handed application and design has been long overdue for rear mounted fingerprint readers and why the Google Pixel Phone ranks high in the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

As with any relatively new release of a product, Google is working to eliminate some bugs that user have experienced with the Pixel Phone. As this smartphone evolves, the experience will only increase for the better.

Overall, the Google Pixel smartphone offers a a great interface, google compatibility, and a well thought out design. High end smartphones should be fast, easy to use, and incorporate cutting edge technology. It’s what keeps consumers engaged and excited. The Google Pixel smartphone is no exception and why it makes the top of the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

✔ Pros: Fast Processor, Pixel Imprint, Gorilla Glass, Good Camera, Best Smartphone 2020

∅ Cons: Working out the bugs since it’s a brand new product, Needs more user friendly options

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Android vs. iOS Comparison, which is better?

This is a hot topic in the smartphone world. Similar to the ongoing Intel vs AMD processor debate, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the top two smartphone operating systems available. Most people would just choose Android if they own a PC or iOS if they own a Mac, but is that the correct way to go about it? First off, both operating systems were created around the same time(Android 2008, Apple 2007). Both have extensive amounts of Apps available through Google Play and the Apple App Store. Both offer maps in the form of Google Maps and Apple Maps, both have voice commands, and both operating systems provide every other general aspect you would expect a smartphone to have. The difference is that Android provides more customization. With Android, also you have more smartphone products and devices available than whats in the Apple product line. Android smartphones also tend to have larger batteries. The bottom line is that Android provides are more in depth user experience if you are a developer. Apple iOS would be a fine choice for a turn-key user experience with a rock solid platform.

4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Best Apple Smartphone

The Apple iPhone 7 plus smartphone was recently released, alongside the smaller iPhone 7, to replace the Apple iPhone 6s (plus). With a 5.5 inch display, there’s not many differences between it and it’s smaller twin the iPhone 7 (4.7 inch).

The new Apple iPhone 7 plus sports a water-resistant design which will come in handy to just about everyone, and optical image stabilization (OIS) to correct even the most unstable picture taking situations.
Best Smartphone 2018This phone is equipped with the newest A10 Fusion processor that scores one of the highest benchmark tests scores of all smartphones available and why it’s high on the Best Smartphone 2020 list. It’s said that the A10 fusion chip is 120 times faster than the original iPhone for comparison.

Battery Life

The iPhone 7 plus features the 2900mAh power pack and is a step up from the 6s Plus. Expect a full charge to last an entire day, with a nightly recharge required.
Signal Range

Signal Strength for the new iPhone 7 Plus is very similar to previous iPhone models. The signal strength of the iPhone 7 Plus will likely be dependent more on user location and carrier, rather than the technical limitations of the phone itself. Verizon users have developed issues with dropped calls, but updated iOS patches should fix the problem.
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Security

Flaws in the iOS 10 operating system are well documented. Algorithm changes from past iOS versions have made the iPhone 7 plus less secure to hacking. The good news is that Apple is aware of these problems and is working to resolve them. Apple iOS 10.3 is now available that improves on the earlier releases of the popular operating system and should provide a secure platform with security you can be confident in.
Camera Quality

The iPhone 7 Plus features a wide angle and a telephoto camera both mounted on the rear of the phone. It’s equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) to correct any shakiness.

The camera quality is superb and the HDR capability is unsurpassed. With 10x photo zoom and 6x video zoom, it provides added clarity at longer viewing ranges due to the dual camera system. This is a very capable camera system and the highest rated on the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

The iPhone 7 plus offers features and quality you would expect from Apples flagship smartphone. It retains the ease of use, compatibility, and customization we’ve grown accustom to with Apple products. It’s fast A10 chipset combined with high profile photography capabilities ranks it near the top of the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

✔ Pros: Long Battery Life, Great Camera, Apple Quality, A10 Chipset, Best Apple Smartphone

∅ Cons: iOS 10 Security Issues, Verizon Signal Issues, No Headphone Jack

**To see the Apple iPhone 7 plus at, Click here!**

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5. Samsung Galaxy S7 – Best Android Smartphone

There are probably many people that are steering clear of Samsung smartphones right now due to the issues with the Note 7, but Samsung claims that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is free from the those same problems. According to Samsung, “There have been no confirmed cases of internal battery failures with these devices among the more than 10 million devices being used by consumers in the United States.”Best Smartphone 2018

Well, that’s good news, so lets look at what the Samsung Galaxy S7 has to offer and why it’s included in the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is offered in two different chipsets. The U.S. version comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (8 cores) and the International version is equipped with the Samsung Exynos 8 processor (8 core).

The Exynos 8 processor outperforms the Snapdragon 810 in almost every test and would be the preferred choice if you want the best S7 smartphone you can get.

This is one beautifully designed phone and the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is no exception. The colors are extremely bright and vivid making it one of the top in the Best Smartphone 2020 list. The S7 is capable of 8 colors when it displays simple information such as date and time, but switches to 16 million colors for more graphic intense displays.
Battery Life

One of Samsung’s top priorities in developing the S7 smartphone line was to reduce power consumption by apps and other programs and increase battery life.

To do this, Samsung reduced the sleep mode power consumption to less than 1/5 of previous rates. Samsung also applied Smart Power Saving which is an algorithm that allows for different display hardware to be activated only when they are needed.

These power consumption improvements will help provide longer usage times between recharges.

Overall, this is a very capable and fast smartphone with a very well thought out design by Samsung. I wouldn’t let the issues with the Note 7 deter you from going this route. The rounded edges of the Samsung Galaxy S7 really set is apart design wise from other devices in the best smartphone 2020 list.

✔ Pros: Exynos 8 processor, Improved Power Saving Capabilities, Gorilla Glass 4 Protection (Front/Back)

∅ Cons: Slower Snapdragon Processor (U.S. Version)

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6. Apple iPhone 7

You may be asking yourself what is the difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Well, in years past there wasn’t much difference from the regular iPhone and the Plus version. But that changed when the 7 series smartphone was introduced.Best Smartphone 2018

Other than the obvious size and weight differences (138g vs 188g), the iPhone 7 has a singular rear camera, where as the 7 Plus has a dual camera setup.

There are also differences in the display, where the iPhone 7 has 1334 x 750 pixel resolution, the Plus has Full HD resolution. With that said, both smartphones include some of the same technology including the 3D touch technology and Retina HD display.
The bottom line is that if taking pictures with an iPhone is your greatest concern, then the iPhone 7 Plus will provide more options and better quality. It’s higher megapixel dual camera setup and 10X zoom capability just can’t be matched with the iPhone 7. If that isn’t a big deal for you, then the iPhone 7 still offers a very capable 12 mega pixel sensor with optical image stability and the new Quad-LED True Tone flash.

The Apple iPhone 7 runs the same iOS and thus offers the same user experience as the 7 plus. However, the 7 plus will have a few more camera options due to it’s greater capability in that department.

Overall, the Apple iPhone 7 is a great smartphone for someone not needing the extra’s of the 7 plus and why it ranks high in the Best Smartphone 2020 list. It includes the super fast A10 processor making it the fastest phone on the market. The iOS provides the same user interface Apple users love combined with the quality that they expect. Battery life is great and the camera quality is unmatched.

✔ Pros: Smaller and Lighter, Cheaper than iPhone 7 Plus, A10 Chipset

Cons: Battery life is shorter than 7 plus, Camera Capability lower than iPhone 7 plus

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What is the Ideal Smartphone Screen Size?

The general trend with smartphones has been the ever increasing screen sizes. What started out as a standard 3 inch screen has morphed into displays closer to 6 inches. While the larger screen has provided better viewing experience with YouTube and movie streaming, it’s also added extra battery capacity crammed into the large phone case. But all this increase in size comes at a cost. It’s increased the weight and reduced the ability to easily handle it. Good luck even putting some of the larger phones in your pocket anymore. If this not a factor for you then a larger display makes perfect sense. But if you are on the move and need to conceal your phone easily, then a smaller display might be the better option. Studies have shown the optimal preferred screen size is 4-4.5 inches.

7. OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3T is one of the lesser known smartphones compared to the big names in the industry today, but OnePlus offers a great Best Smartphone 2018alternative to each of them.

With the motto “A day’s power in half an hour,” the OnePlus 3T prides itself in a never settle approach. Focusing on delivering the best user experience with the latest hardware upgrades, it is hard to argue against this smartphone.

Equipped with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 (2.35 GHz) processor, it is capable of playing the latest games or movies with ease. With 6GB of ram, this phone ranks very high in the best smartphone 2020 list.

The 16 mega pixel camera, both front and back, is the highest mega pixel camera on the best smartphone 2020 list. Coupled with image stabilization and noise reduction technology, the photo’s are some of the most clear and crisp seen in the smartphone market today.

Overall, this is a great alternative the the big name products. With it’s sleek design and all metal space-grade aluminum alloy, it passes the aesthetics test as well. The hardware and camera ability meet or exceed the quality of other high end smartphones. These factors are why the OnePlus 3T ranks high on the best smartphone 2020 list.

✔ Pros: Fast processor, 6GB ram, Fast Charge, 16MP camera

∅ Cons: Lack of support, Relatively New and Untested OxygenOS

**To see the OnePlus 3T at, Click here!**

8. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is larger and heavier than than Galaxy S7. With that said, it’s also thinner if you can believe it.Best Smartphone 2018

With rounded edges, the Galaxy S7 Edge trumps the S7 smartphone in the looks department offering a much more sleek and impressive appearance. In fact, the S7 edge smartphone may be the most stylish phone in the best smartphone 2020 list.

Equipped with a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen, colors are crisp, bright, accurate, and downright stunning to be honest. It should be noted that even with a larger screen than the S7, there is no change in resolution between the two smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is offered in two different chipsets. The U.S. version comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and the International version is equipped with the Samsung Exynos 8 processor.

The Exynos 8 processor outperforms the Snapdragon 810 in almost every test and would be the preferred choice if you want the best S7 smartphone you can get.

Regardless of choosing the S7 or S7 Edge, they both come with exact same processor and 4GB of ram so the hardware experience should be the same.

✔ Pros: Stylish with rounded edges, Thin, Fast processor, Great screen resolution, 3,600 mAh battery

∅ Cons: Larger Size and Heavier Compared to S7

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9. HP Elite x3 – Best HP Smartphone

If you’ve ever used a Windows phone you’ve probably realized that they aren’t nearly as bad as the rap they tend to receive in the smartphone market. More choices are always a good thing and the comfortability some users have with the windows platform translate nicely into the latest HP Elite X3. Best Smartphone 2018

The HP Elite X3 is built around the notion of a seamless transition between your phone and PC. With an easy to use docking station, the HP Elite X3 becomes your desktop computer with the aid of an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. No more waiting for a PC to load or boot up, the transition takes but a few seconds.

No docking station? Well, they have that covered too. Simply connect to the HP Elite X3 remotely with the HP Elite x3 Lap Dock. The lap dock is essentially a notebook that will allow a user on the move a larger work space.

The HP Elite x3 is equipped with a high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor chipset and 4GB of RAM that can effortlessly power applications traditionally reserved for PCs, along with premium smartphone features.

The ability of seamless transitioning that the HP Elite X3 offers is why it’s included in the Best Smartphone 2020 list. The Snapdragon is not the fastest processor available, but extremely capable for most users. If you rely on Windows every day or in business applications, the HP Elite X3 will increase productivity by providing a synced workspace wherever you go.

✔ Pros: Seamless Transition from Mobile to PC, Battery life

∅ Cons: Windows Apps are limited

**To see the HP Elite X3 at, Click here!**

Google Play vs Apple App Store, which is better?

The two leaders in App development are Google Play and the Apple App Store. Here a few facts about the two: Google play currently has around 1.3 million Apps, while the Apple App Store has around 1.2 million. There are more downloads per store on Google Play than the Apple App Store (160 vs 100). However, the Apple generates more revenue per store than Google Play. The Apple App Store requires the use of iTunes (an annoying feature), while Google Play’s web interface is more compatible. Watching movies or media from Apple requires the use of an apple device or iTunes. Google media is compatible with all devices. Clearly, Google Play offer’s more customization and less restriction. The Apple App Store offers higher revenue generation per App store.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Five words….It’s not the Note 7. What a disaster that was. For those unaware, Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s have had massive overheating issues with the batteries resulting in large recalls and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to recommend not using the smartphone altogether!!!!Best Smartphone 2018

Again, what a disaster. But we must move on, or should we say back, to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The predecessor to the Note 7, the Note 5 is still a very capable smartphone and why it’s included in the Best Smartphone 2020 List.

While the Samsung Galaxy isn’t equipped with the latest hardware, it does offer a great camera, awesome stylus, and extensive battery life.

With the S Pen included, the Galaxy Note 5 is one of the few smartphones on the market that allow you to still use a stylus. Once the stylus is out, Air Command activates on the phone waiting for your next command. Write a note, memo, screen write, point, or even add shortcuts. The S Pen, made of durable polycarbonate plastic, fits snugly into the housing with an audible click.

The Galaxy Note 5 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, bolstered by Samsung’s own TouchWiz layer. That means the phone will be able to tie in to Google’s wide array of services, such as Google Now, turn-by-turn navigation, and access to Google Drive files.

The Galaxy Note 5 is a proven design that works well and one of the few that still offers a stylus. These factors along with it’s reliable design are why it’s included in the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

✔ Pros: Stylus, Proven Batteries that don’t explode

∅ Cons: Outdated hardware

**To see the Galaxy Note 5 at, Click here!**

Smartphone Megapixels, Is More Better?

16 megapixels is always better than 8 megapixels, right? You might be surprised that this is not always the case. In camera devices, the Sensor that receives light from the pixels can matter more than the number of pixels themselves. It’s even been proven that adding more pixels on the same size sensor can increase the amount of noise, having the opposite effect. This is why 8 megapixels with a good sensor and evenly distributed pixels can outperform poorly designed 16 megapixels crammed on a tiny sensor. So more megapixels aren’t always better, and you should be aware that higher megapixels can often be a marketing strategy that offers no added benefit for the unaware.

11. Apple iPhone SE– Best Budget Smartphone

Built by Apple as an entry level iPhone for users who might not regularly pay up for the latest and greatest Apple offering, the iPhone SE fills the affordable smartphone niche perfectly.Best Smartphone 2018

It’s smaller design is reminiscence of the original iPhone that started it all. Want a phone that still fits in your hand and in your pocket? Well this is it!

With a 4.0 inch display, it’s not the multimedia giant for watching movies or playing games as some larger display devices, but if you want a solid smartphone with the fast A9 processor, then the iPhone SE is that phone.

The iPhone SE includes a 12 mega pixel camera that takes some really great photos. I was really surprised by the picture quality and can’t see much difference between it and the 6s. HDR and live motion tiles are all included.

The Facetime HD Camera on the front is a little lacking at 1.2 MP, but at it’s reduced price you have to be willing to conceded some aspects.

The iPhone SE allows for new users to experience Apple products at a great price point and also allows for longtime Apple users to relive the nostalgia that was the iPhone before it became a rather large device. For these reasons, the iPhone SE is included as a solid phone in the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

✔ Pros: Fits in hand/pocket easy, A9 Chip, Great picture quality

∅ Cons: Low MegaPixel Front Camera

**To see the Apple iPhone SE at, Click here!**

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12. Moto X Pure Edition Smartphone – Best Cheap Smartphone

The Moto X Pure Edition is a nice budget option phone that packs a hefty 21 MP sensor camera and 4k video capability. Best Smartphone 2018

Turbo powering allows for up to 10 hours of use on a single 15 minute charge.

Factory unlocked for all carriers, just switch SIM cards and go.

The Moto X Pure smartphone is priced right at the line of functionality and power. It’s customizable design, improved camera, and expandable memory are all fine qualities and why it’s part of the Best Smartphone 2020 list.

The smartphone uses the Qualcomm hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chip and 3GB of RAM, unlike the similar Galaxy 5 Note that has 4 GB of RAM.

The 5.7-inch IPS LCD with the Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) panel allows for super crisp images.

With dual front speakers, it outshines the Note 5 which has only one.

The MotoX Pure is a nice step up from past Moto offerings and while not the fastest smartphone around, at it’s price point it makes a great contender for best budget phone.

✔ Pros: Camera Quality, Motorola Customizable, Quick charge, Dual speakers, Best Cheap Smartphone, Affordable

∅ Cons: Slower 808 Processor Chip, 3 GB Ram

**To see the Moto X Pure at, Click here!**
Other Best Smartphones 2020
LG G6 Smartphone

LG has just releasedBest-Smartphone-2018 the new G6 Smartphone and the main selling point is a large screen that fits in your hand. The sleek 5.7 inch display accomplishes this nicely, but it’s still way bigger than the iPhone SE that pretty much dominates the smaller phone category.

The 18:9 FullVision display makes for a rich and vibrant movie experience, while the narrow bezel complements the display very well and increases the overall size. Equipped with Dolby Vision and Quad HD+, the LG G6 Smartphone incorporates the latest technology to give you that jaw dropping experience you expect out of a newly released smart phone.

The Wide Angle Front Camera lets you easily take selfie pics, and will automatically snap a picture when your face is in frame when set to auto and gesture mode. That’s right, just wave your hand and the camera will know you want to take a picture.

The LG G6 comes with dual 13 mega pixel rear cameras that allow you to capture any setting in high quality. With an IP68 rating, it’s sealed against dust and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

How Much Smartphone Memory is Enough?

As you’ve probably noticed, most Smartphones come with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of memory. But do you really need the highest memory capacity available at the increased cost? The simple answer is how much do you use your smartphone and for what purpose? If you do everything with your phone, then it makes sense to get the maximum memory possible. If you are a casual user, then saving money on a lower capacity memory version makes sense. Some smartphones offer removable micro SD cards that allow you to increase the memory at any time. Other smartphones like the iPhone do not allow for storage capacity upgrades, so this aspect should be taken into consideration when purchasing. Low cost smartphones and low budget smartphones will always have the lowest amount of memory available.
Summing It Up

There may not be a more dynamic industry than the smartphone industry. Every few months there seems to be a new development that manages to pave the path forward. This constant change and innovation is apparent in the top 10 cell phone reviewed in the best smartphone 2020 list. The Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, and the Google Pixel phone lead the pack currently. Budget smartphones like the Apple iPhone SE and Moto X Pure Edition offer great alternatives to the higher priced devices.

New products in the smartphone market are sure to be added as release dates approach, so check back often for more reviews and cell phone comparisons.

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