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Ai Photo Editor Online – Simple Removal Photo Backround into White

Hi friends, meet again in this article I will give you a quick way to change the background or photo background, without having to have special skills and programs like Photoshop.

You can use this application using a smartphone or computer. Removing the photo background is very useful for making passport photos.

Currently making a photo pass is not as complicated as you think as long as you know the angle of the photo, the correct pose and the direction of the camera, for that please also read how to take the right photo.

There are many sites that offer photo background editing services via online, here I summarize five sites that serve online photo editing:


Photoshop is known as one of the best software for editing images. This Adobe-made software has proven to be good at producing new edited images that are different from the original.

One type of photo editing that is usually done in Photoshop is removing the background. If the object of the photo is simple, maybe the editing process is not too long, but it’s a different story if you are working on a complex image.

To speed up the process of removing background images, aka background images, there are now advanced online services that can be used.

Ai Photo Editor Online

Ai Photo Editor Online – Simple Removal Photo Backround into White

Actually not white, but extensin in png.

1. Open Removal Ai

2. Choose image from your gallery

3. Remove background

4. Save

Simple Removal Photo Backround into White (blank backround in png format)

Ai Photo Editor Online – Simple Removal Photo Backround into White

Actually not white, but png.

1. Open

2. Choose image from your gallery

3. Remove background

4. Save

Simple Removal Photo Backround into White (blank backround in png format)

Spark Adobe

Spark Adobe is an application released by Adobe Systems, from the name you must be familiar, who doesn’t know Adobe? and Adobe Spark itself is a media editing application service that integrates directly for mobile and desktop web.

In addition to its function for making video slideshows, this application also serves online photo editing, how to:

Go to the website, click remove background now.

Upload your photo

Import photos from the devices you have, such as from a smartphone or laptop.

Click on the photo and select remove background

Mobile: Tap the image, select Edit and Remove background

Web: Tap the image and Remove background using the menu on your right

Add photo color behind

Select “color” to select the shape or “color” and enter the correct color code for the photo, blue / red.

Save to phone.

To save, please select the download menu and there are 3 choices of PNG, JPG and PDF files as shown below. In addition to saving you can also directly share your photo edits on social media or email.

adobe spark okamotret
To access the Adobe Spark application, you must first log in to your adobe account.


Removebg (remove background) is a fast and easy-to-use website to remove and replace photo backgrounds with just a few clicks, here’s how:

Visit the website
Click Select a photo to select a photo.
Wait for your photo to finish uploading.
The photo will then automatically remove its background.
Click Edit to change the color / background of the photo.
You can save the photos by clicking the Download menu.

remove bg
RemoveBg Application Screenshot Tampilan

Remove Bg

Named, this service will make it easier for users to remove the background and leave only the main object. With the help of advanced AI, can remove photo backgrounds in just seconds.

How to? First of all, just visit the site and then enter the photo or url of the image you want to remove the background from.

If you have the site will start working and a few moments later two images will automatically appear, the original one with the background removed.

Because it is relatively new, currently only images containing human objects can be removed, the rest cannot.

The results can be said to be quite neat if the object is not too complicated.


In the third option, namely the name, this application is free complete with a clip editor that combines fully automatic AI with complete tools such as saving photos, deleting, hair selection tools, to doing very precise cropping.

This application is very beneficial for you to change the background quickly, easily and practically without having to install software on your cellphone or computer, so it’s very easy isn’t it. You don’t need to do it manually the way is:

Visit the website
Click Select a photo or drag a photo, you can also copy the url Ctrl + V
Wait until Photos will automatically remove the background.
Click Edit to change the color / image for the photo background.
You can save the photos by clicking the Download menu.


This application is completely not free, if you want to save in hiress size and you need to make a payment, but if you only need a small photo size such as a passport photo you can use this without having to pay, because the size of the passport photo is not too big I think it’s enough , okay.

Edit photos for free

Edit photos for free as the name suggests is definitely FREE, this app is specially made for Photographers and Designers who need repetitive image editing tasks like resizing, cropping, color correction, optimizing, watermarking, removing background, typography or logo design, etc. can be used online without registering and logging in. Here’s how to use it:

First go to the destination site at
Second, an edit page will appear then click the scissors icon on the menu bar and select the folder icon to search for photos to edit.
The next step is to replace the background with the available tools.
The next step is to save the file after identifying after removing the background
After that change the background by clicking the picture icon. Background can be changed with color background. The color background is used to change to a solid color, while the gradient background is used to display color gradations.
The last process is that the file must be saved in the folder you want.


Pizap is the last online photo background editing site that has basic to full features. You don’t need to have Photoshop skills to edit photos. With piZap you can get started right away without needing to learn because, wow this is so easy isn’t it. These features will help you in editing the desired photo. This site also provides frames and borders too. Here’s how to use it:

Open the site from a browser, if using a smartphone, first install the application via Playstore
Then select next to the computer, start editing then login with your facebook or google. choose photo editing.
Then select the Photo Catout tool – select the costume – select the photo or cut the border of the background to be deleted, move the mouse to the left, right, up, down according to the image to be cut
After you want it, just click finish and adjust the direction where the photo will be placed then Save

This PiZap editing application is almost the same as the tools in Photoshop, and this tool is very complete, not as easy as using the application above. But it also depends on you, which application do you think is fast, easy and convenient to use.

So this article is about how to quickly and easily change photo background online. If you experience problems, please write in the comments column below.

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Thank you for reading this article, if you feel this is very useful, please share it with your friends who need it. Greetings okamotret, ciaoo..!!