Adobe Premiere How to Render Best Quality Setting

Adobe Premiere How to Render Best Quality Setting 2

For a good Video Editor who uses any software, it is very inconvenient and video rendering that should be rendered lagging, snapped or broken should be avoided.

Either using any Editing Software family or software from Sony, Pinnacle, Edius, Shortcuts, no exception with the Adobe Family should not have a problem.

Spatter or broken when playing video rendered, especially those that have been burned is a very annoying problem, and you must overcome.

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How to Render Adobe Premiere Pro Best Quality Setting

As technology continues to develop in this field (Videography & Camera) which is increasingly sophisticated and always updated every day.

There are several possibilities or reasons why rendered videos become broken when played on reporters, PC computers or DVD players.

If lagging is broken when playing on a computer or laptop, it means that the file is heavy, or low on the computer spec to edit and render it.

How to render and burn video to the desired format too large the bitrate, this happens because you want good video quality after rendering but low computer spec (low spec)

It could also be caused by the video file fps produced by a small camera, then dislow-motion becomes broken. Check the fps (frames per second: speed video) used whether it is still in the recommended maximum area (50 or more) or less than 25 fps. For example Speed ​​video fps is 25 fps then slowed down or slowed down to 10% for example. Obviously it’s broken.

If the video is already on a CD / VCD, or DVDm is then played on a broken or stuck player, while playing on a computer file is smooth, then check the player and then the DVD writer. Maybe by testing the other VCD / DVD. If Current means that the suspect is in the area of ​​the burning process which is problematic. Check EVE Writer. Still healthy or damaged.

Besides the computer specs for Editing that are adequate as suggested for gaming and editing. The hard drive or DVD / CD Writer is still good and according to the recommended age capacity. Or has crossed the line, years have not been replaced.

Also check the CD / DVD pieces in the burned / burning section … is it plain white or are there lines? If there are already lines, you should replace a new and quality DVD writer.

There is no limit to how long a CD / DVD writer can be used or how many limits it can be used. For example 1000, 2000 times burning and so forth. Because the quality of the CD DVD Writer and the DD / DVD chip itself varies. If there are lines, you should replace a new and quality DVD writer.

And what, that CD Writer is used to open the damaged CD / DVD? You better not! Open a file for example, or photo data that has been on Simpn for a long time, or is often taken everywhere, causing pieces of CD / DVD to become damaged, blister, dirty, dusty, or that has been damaged or severely damaged or not?

Therefore, it is better to maintain the Quality of Render Burning Results, preferably: 1). Change CD / DVD writer regularly, especially if you use a lot of burning or copy. Provide Specifically for Burning Only, then there is also provided specifically to read the incoming CD / DVD. (For this one you can use the old or used) 2). Do not use it to open files that have damaged CD / DVDs.

Computer Upgrade. Computer specs, PSU also plays an important role and quite a large influence on the process and the results of burning. If the PSU is low and the RAM is small, it’s only natural that slow burning is slow or broken, because the video files are heavy!

How To (Render To) good quality video rendering of lightweight files is a .mp4 format. The file is relatively good according to its HD format, but the file size is quite small and lightweight.

This is a video rendering solution for uploading to internet and social media that encounters quota constraints or when the usual format like mpeg 1 mpeg 2 is large enough for the file size of the file, whether the format * .avi turns out to be very large file size of course, even up to giga .

  1. Best Format for Adobe Premiere Cs or Pro CC Good Quality Lightweight Files are video rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro Cs, or Pro CC to * .mp4 format “
  2. File – Export select option H.264.
  3. Select the mp4 format as needed or what you want as shown in the picture. But the most recommended one for good quality lightweight files is HD 720. Pretty good quality lightweight files. Bandwich internet is strong. Upload Full HD 1080 or 4K 8K at a time … 15 minutes duration about 500 mb.

The rendering process speed depends on:

– Large Format – Good Quality – Small Files – Old / Heavy Render

– Large Format – Good Quality – Large Files – Render Rather Fast

– Small Format – Poor Quality – Small File – Fast Render

– Small Format – Poor Quality – Large Files – Fastest Render

Good Quality – Large Files – Old Render.

Fast Render – Small File Image Quality Poor.

Good Quality Lightweight Files? There is a Quality derived. Namely bitrate.

But of all these things, which really determines whether or not the quality of a video depends on the source of the shoot or source of the file.

And computer performance for video editing depends:

– Computer Specs
– Effect used
– Video Duration
– The size of the original format (source file) and rendering format. Usually when a small video format the rendering process is faster, but the picture or video is not good, blurred blurred or even destroyed.

It is better to upload videos to the Internet full HD 1080p format, or at least try in the usual HD or 720p HD format is pretty good, and of course the process is rather long, according to computer specs. That’s why editing high computer specs is important.

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But at least once for which is still relatively good is the 480 mp4 format, while starting from the * .mp4 360 format has begun to disintegrate less good even poor image quality. Depending on the wishes and strength of our internet bandwidth

The better the video quality, the better.

It’s simple.

Usually for me to upload to Youtube, in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the best rendering video setting to h.264 format Android 720 format. MP4 format set according to our wishes, can be even smaller … or larger. For the Adobe Family, such as Adobe Premiere Cs, CC whatever version of Adobe Premiere Pro is used, both Adobe Premiere CS3, CS4, CS4, CS6, or Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014, CC 2015 or CC 2017 Adobe Premiere Pro. The computer spec used is indeed quite high. The minimum recommended game and video editing spec is Core 15, minimum Core i3, preferably Core i7. Core i7 also has many grades.

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It is strongly recommended to upload videos as best as possible at least 720 format. The method can actually be adjusted to our internet connection bandwidth limit, the most common and commonly used way is the MP4 format, here are:

How to Render Adobe Premiere Pro CC Videos Good Quality Lightweight Files:

Select the Preset option on H.264 in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Select the desired format or as needed or as you like as shown in the picture. Usually if the video format is too small then the picture or video is not clear or blurred. We recommend uploading videos to the Internet is Full HD 1080, but at least try in the usual HD 720 HD format. Below that again the 480 format. But at least once for a quality that is still pretty good is 480, depending on the desire and strength of our internet bandwidth. The lowest one is 360. VCD / MPEG 1. But don’t worry about quality.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Render Format. Usually for me to upload to Youtube, at least the rendering video to h.264 format Android 720 format. MP4 is set according to our wishes, can be even smaller … or larger.
Can you reduce the size of the application without reducing the effect?Yes, as far as I know, this mp4 format is the MOST BEST SETTING for images, with LIGHT file sizes.For final DVD burning, I recommend rendering & burning to MPEG 2 PAL DV. Usually (4: 3) for TV Box users, choose the Wide format (16: 9) for Wide TV owners. Pay attention to making Text, TV Logo, Lower third, so as not to come out of the save margin, which will result in truncated text.

Hopefully this article has benefits, just a collection of notes so as not to forget. Welcome to join and discuss, in the eFBi group HERE, fellow newbi editing.

Hopefully there is a solution, if you don’t meet with fellow residents.