How to Add Audio to Premiere Pro Not Working

Add Audio to Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Add Audio to Premiere Pro Not Showing Not Working


Editing Videos using Adobe Premiere Pro often faces various kinds of obstacles and problems.

Among the most common is the problem of missing or not outputting Audio or Sound.

The following are among some Adobe Premiere Pro audio or sound conditions not outputting and possible causes:

Some Sound Condition Does Not Output / Does Not Appear

1. There are no audio waves (waves) that appear in the Adobe Premiere Pro editing timeline
2. Audio enters and the audio waves appear on the timeline, but no sound or sound comes out – does not sound.
3. Some other exits do not come out even though they are on the same timeline layer, and are also not currently muted.
4. Audio appears but absolutely no sound / sound can be heard out.

Possible or Cause – Can’t Hear Audio Premiere Pro

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Following are Audio Problems in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

There are several possible causes and possible solutions:

If the problem occurs when importing the video and audio indicator at the timeline editing does not appear (doesn’t appear)
Possible Cause: At the time the conforming is not complete or there is a problem.

The solution:

– When new / importing video files, Try Waiting for the Import Process to complete first. Sometimes the weight of the video file, plus inadequate computer specs in the end, if you play it in a hurry, the sound is not heard, because the process has not finished, comforming.
– Or if there is a red mark in the transforming process, try closing the Adobe Premiere application first, then re-opening the Adobe Premiere Pro program. Wait and be patient until the conforming process is completely finished. At some computer spec levels (especially low / inadequate) it will take a long time to import the process, depending on the source clip material of the imported video footage.
– Never mind before it’s finished, sometimes even after the conforming process is complete, the sound or audio still gets lost when played on the timeline.

Condition: Audio waves (waves) are visible in the Premiere editing timeline but not any sound is heard at all.

Cause: Audio comes in and the audio waves appear on the timeline but no sound comes out.

Possible Solution: Check Check the audio jack to the speaker. Unplug and plug in again. Also check if the Souncard driver is installed correctly?

Problems with Audio missing in the final render or not coming out (Post / after rendering).

Possible Causes:

– Try checking the timeline again. Is there a possibility that the audio key on the timeline is ‘mute’ or key in the position below?
– Try checking the volume level button on the speaker icon down or mute or it is in the correct position.

When I am in the process of editing or post production, usually the volume level is adjusted or tuned to the middle, at least 50% of the sound to a maximum of 60%.

This aims to standardize the audio sound level, according to the audio being played.

Do not be too loud or even very low (weak) audio volume or sound.

So that it can be long, aka fluctuating. So the sound level is also adjusted / set first.

Audio in the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline cannot be muted during editing.

The fix: try playing the editing timeline, then, when playing, try pressing the mute (thumb) button.

Audio is too big to be nearly broken / distorted (distort audio in Adobe Premiere Pro)

Audio Too Small, It’s good actually every song recording in the Recording Studio

– The audio is normalized to a maximum of 90% of the audio / sound level. If the setting before shooting was correct, there shouldn’t be a problem. But if it breaks it means the volume setting at the time of shooting – too big db. This is bad!

Therefore, before shooting, first test all the equipment, especially Audio on the video record test results. Has it been recorded correctly or not?

Audio Too Big until it breaks:
Audio Too Big until it breaks:

Lowered the level (audio gain) to about 80-90% of the wave (audio wave).

– In case of the above, in this case the footage or Clip source may be problematic.
– Try checking the audio waves in the Timeline, if they are too small, you can fix them, especially for those who use Adobe Audition, you can handle them by Normalize.

But in Adobe Premiere itself, it can also be overcome by: Clicking / select Audio to enlarge or increase the audio volume or sound.

Then in the audio section, right click – select Audio Gain – specify an additional value in sound db – for example 5 or 6 Maximum 7, not 10 – more is too big, or adjust it. Except the source audio source file


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