9 Ways How to Increase Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram Ayu Tingting photos and videos

They say two heads are better than one. That kind of applies to Instagram, too: getting a mention or a repost from another account will do more good than just focusing on your own account.

Find your Insta-soulmate (a person/brand with similar target audience) and agree to give each other shoutouts, or feature each other’s content once in awhile, or, better yet, create a project together so that you both have a cause to talk about.

Another way to get extra exposure is influencer marketing. Finding the perfect influencer for Instagram can be tricky, but, if done right, you can see a flux of new followers or even potential customers. Just make sure you choose the right person!

9. Get yourself featured on big accounts

Not tired yet?

Good. Because we have one last tip on organic Instagram growth. Which is getting yourself featured on big accounts. If your photos are good, being featured by another account is not THAT difficult. What you have to do, though, is quite a lot of homework:

– Make a list of big Instagram accounts in your niche that feature other people’s content

– Make them notice you: use their branded hashtag and tag them in the caption. Double check that you’ve spelled everything correctly!

– Many of the accounts often have an email address in their bio. Take advantage of that and introduce yourself! Do NOT bombard them with emails, but rather write a casual “just saying hi, love your account, thought this could be perfect for your next post” kinda message.

– It can be so frustrating feeling stuck at a certain number of followers or watching your engagement take a dive for reasons unknown, but if you play by the rules and follow the above tips, you will see an improvement.

And while admittedly, growing your Instagram organically takes more time and effort, as a result you will have a loyal, engaged, involved community instead of a bunch of dead, bot-controlled accounts. And isn’t that what we all want?

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